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Can you name the various sections, clauses, riders and addendums to the Roommate Agreement?

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Section-Clause-Rider-AddendumMissing Words
Article 1, Section 3---Call for an _________ meeting.
Article 1, Section 7, Subsection B---No.9 'The right to ________ privacy is suspended in the event of force majeure.'
Article 1, Section 7, Subsection B---'The ______ can have at most one occupant, except in the event of an attack by water soluble aliens.'
Article 1, Section 8: 'Visitors', Subsection C: 'Females', Paragraph 4: 'Coitus'---'Roommates shall give each other ___ _____ notice of impending coitus.'
Article 1, Section 9: 'Miscellany'---'The apartment's flag is a ____ _____ rampant on a field of azure.'
Cont'd---'The flag shall never fly upside down, unless the apartment is in ________.'
Cont'd---'If one of the roommates ever invents _____ ______, the first stop has to aim exactly ____ ________ after this clause is signed.'
Article 1, Section 74, Subsection C---'The various obligations and duties of the parties in the event one of them becomes a _______.'
Addendum J---'When Sheldon showers second, any and all measures shall be taken to ensure an adequate supply of ___ ______.'
Section:'Television and Movies'---'Roommates agree that Friday nights shall be reserved for watching Joss Whedon's brilliant new series, '_______.' '
Section-Clause-Rider-AddendumMissing Words
Skynet Clause: Specifies what happens if one friend needs help to destroy an __________ __________ he's created and that's taking over the Earth.
Body Snatchers Clause: Specifies what happens if one friend needs help to destroy someone they know who's been replaced with an _____ ___.
Godzilla Clause: Specifies what happens if someone threatens to destroy ______.
Over-night Guest Notification Clause: 'There has to be a __ ____ notice if a non-related ______ will stay overnight.'
Thermostat Clause: 'Since the 'Sweaty Night of '06,' Sheldon has control of the thermostat, which will be set at a constant ____ degrees.'
Common Areas Clause: 'Leonard has the right to allocate ____ _______ of the common areas, but only if Sheldon is notified in advance by e-mail.'
Pet Clause: 'Pets are banned under the roommate agreement, with the exception of service animals like Seeing Eye Dogs and Cybernetically Enhanced ______ _______.'
Approved Take Out Restaurants: '________ nights are Franconi's Pizza nights.'
Approved Take Out Restaurants: 'The selection of a new take-out restaurant requires ______ ________ and a _____ day comment period.'
Friendship Rider, Appendix C: Future Commitments-'In the event one friend gains _____ ______, he shall name the other friend as his _________.'

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