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QUIZ: Can you name the actors and actresses that were in these sitcoms of the 1960's?

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The Addams Family
Gomez Addams 
Morticia Addams 
Fester Addams 
Wednesday Addams 
Pugsley Addams 
The Andy Griffith Show
Sherriff Andy Taylor 
Deputy Barney Fife 
Opie Taylor 
Bea Taylor 
Gomer Pyle 
Otis Campbell 
Goober Pyle 
Gilligan's Island
Captain Jonas Grumby 
Thurston Howell, III 
Eunice 'Lovey' Howell 
Ginger Grant 
Roy Hinkley, PhD 
Mary Ann Summers 
Samantha Stevens 
Darrin Stevens #1 
Darrin Stevens #2 
Larry Tate 
Uncle Arthur 
Hogan's Heroes
Col. Robert Hogan 
TSgt. Andrew Carter 
SSgt. James Kinchloe 
Cpl. Louis LeBeau 
Cpl. Peter Newkirk 
Col. Wilhelm Klink 
SMSgt. Hans Schultz 
Beverly Hillbillies
Jedediah D. 'Jed' Clampett 
'Granny' Daisy May Moses 
Elly May Clampett 
Jethro Bodine 
Milburn Drysdale 
Jane Hathaway 
Margaret Drysdale 
The Munsters
Herman Munster 
Lily Munster 
Grandpa Munster 
Marilyn Munster #1 
Marilyn Munster #2 
Edward 'Eddie' Munster 
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Robert 'Rob' Petrie 
Laura Petrie 
Sally Rogers 
Maurice 'Buddy' Sorrell 
Richard 'Ritchie' Petrie 
Melvin Cooley 
Alan Brady 
Leave it to Beaver
Ward Cleaver 
June Cleaver 
Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver 
Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver 
Edward 'Eddie' Haskell 
Larry Mondello 

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