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Who went to Korea...Actor/ActressWho they played...
Bobby Trippe left being bent over a log in 'Deliverance' , and running the network in 'Network', to go to Korea and inspect Father Mulcahy.Divisional Chaplain, Colonel Maurice Hollister-'Dear Peggy'
Left his show, 'Living with Ed', left being a huge environmentalist, to go to Korea and cook 'Spam Parmesian.'Private Paul Conway-'Too Many Cooks'
Boss Hogg goes to Korea to give Hawkeye a hand in surgery.General Bradley Barker-'Chief Surgeon Who?'
Ford Fairlane left Hollywood to get in a reverse jeep race and run over a chicken coop!Corporal Hrabosky-'Trick or Treatment'
Walter, the alien leader, left 'Cocoon' to become an MP Sergeant questioning Frank about stolen Korean artifacts.MP Sergeant Smith-'Souvenirs'
Quit directing Adam Sandler films like 'Happy Gilmore' and 'Big Daddy' to become Col. Potter's philandering son-in-law.Private McShane-'Love & Marriage' & Robert 'Bob' Wilson-'Strange Bedfellows'
Morpheus left the 'Matrix' to become a wounded Corporal for the Army Combat Engineers.Corporal Dorsey-'The Tooth Shall Set You Free'
Left 'Close Encounters...', 'Young Frankenstein', and playing Phoebe's mother on 'Friends' to have a picnic with Hawkeye, and get shot at.Lieutenant Marquette-'The Sniper'
Commissioner Gordon left the 'Batman' movies to go to Korea and play an April Fool's joke on the MASH gang!Colonel Daniel Webster Tucker-'April Fools'
Opie leaves Mayberry, lies about his age and joins the Marines to impress his girlfriend, Bernice.Private Walter/Wendell Peterson (whichever)-'Sometimes You Hear the Bullet'
Mongo left 'Blazing Saddles' and the Detroit Lions to become a new 'Big Brother' to Hawkeye.Sergeant Lyle Wesson-'Springtime'
Goober Pyle left Mayberry to replace Hawkeye for a week.Captain Roy DuPree(from the 8063)-'Temporary Duty'
Diane leaves Sam to have wine and cheese with Hawkeye in the Supply Room.Lieutenant Mendenhall-'Bottle Fatigue'
Left teaching the 'Karate Kid', to play poker (conference) with Hawkeye, Trapper, & Henry.Captain Sam Pak-'Deal Me Out'
Lieutenant Frank Drebbin leaves Police Squad to become a crazy Colonel.Colonel 'Buzz' Brighton-'The Ringbanger'
Danny Noonan left the 'Caddyshack' to go to Korea and get injured (twice) and visited by Sidney Freedman.Tom-'War of Nerves' & Corporal Travis-'Mad Dogs and Servicemen'
Cypher also left the 'Matrix' to become a soldier who steals his dead buddy's discharge papers.Corporal Gerald Mullen a.k.a. Cpl. Joshua Levin-'Identity Crisis'
Boon left 'Animal House' to have a recurring role as a MASH orderly, most notably helping Sgt. Zale build a bonfire.Corporal Igor Straminsky-'War of Nerves' & several more episodes (Jeff Maxwell also played Igor)
Left Janet and Chrissy to become a shell-shocked soldier in Korea.Private Carter-'Deal Me Out'
Left 'McMillan & Wife' and 'Kate & Allie' to be a war correspondent and hit on B.J.Aggie O'Shay-'War Co-Respondent'
Detective Sergeant Nick Yemana left 'Barney Miller' to become a black-market boss in Korea.Boss Charlie Lee-'To Market, to Market'
Dalton left the 'Roadhouse' to become a soldier with a broken arm and leukemia.Private Gary Sturgis-'Blood Brothers'
Norm Peterson joins the Marines and gets a billiard ball stuck in his mouth!Private LaRoche-'Trick or Treatment'
Motorcycle Cop Jon Baker left 'Ponch' on 'CHiPs' to go to Korea and have a son.Corporal Mulligan-'The Generals Practitioner'
County Commissioner Bob Gephardt left 'Porky's' to become our favorite CIA, CID, CIC, Army Intelligence Officer. (He has written permission to kill himself in the line of duty.)Colonel Samuel Flagg, Major Brooks, Major Carter, Rabbi Captain Goldberg, Captain Halloran, Captain Perkins, Lieutenant Carter, Ensign Troy, Captain Louise Klein, Chinese Colonel Ling-Chow, etc.-(Several Episodes)

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