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Can you name the drivers that have won in these 'unlucky' numbered cars?

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Car NumberDriverModern Starts-Total Wins-Notable Driver
01360 Starts-1 Win
02135 Starts-0 Wins:Mark Martin-34 Races
0330 Starts-0 Wins:David Pearson-6 Races
0433 Starts-0 Wins:Hershel McGriff-20 Races
05111 Starts-0 Wins:David Sisco-55 Races
0626 Starts-1 Win*
0835 Starts-0 Wins:Rick McCray-17 Races
09146 Starts-1 Win
13154 Starts-1 Win*
30633 Starts-1 Win*
3593 Starts-0 Wins:Benny Parsons-29 Races
36356 Starts-0 Wins:Ken Schrader-106 Races
37291 Starts-1 Win*
50218 Starts-0 Wins:Ricky Craven-36 Races
5358 Starts-1 Win*
5661 Starts-1 Win*
57100 Starts-0 Wins:Hut Stricklin-27 Races
5842 Starts-1 Win*
60111 Starts-1 Win*
6165 Starts-0 Wins:Joe Mihalic-28 Races
6251 Starts-1 Win*
Car NumberDriverModern Starts-Total Wins-Notable Driver
6344 Starts-0 Wins:Jocko Maggiacomo-22 Races
6542 Starts-0 Wins:Carl Adams-19 Races
66497 Starts-1 Win*
67386 Starts-0 Wins:Buddy Arrington-360 Races
68204 Starts-0 Wins:Bobby Hamilton-68 Races
6923 Starts-0 Wins:Henry Jones-6 Races
70413 Starts-0 Wins:JD McDuffie-354 Races
74159 Starts-0 Wins:Bobby Wawak-71 Races
7638 Starts-0 Wins:Mike Potter-12 Races
77592 Starts-1 Win*
79189 Starts-0 Wins:Frank Warren-149 Races
8047 Starts-1 Win*
81175 Starts-1 Win*
82120 Starts-0 Wins:Scott Speed-69 Races
84131 Starts-0 Wins:AJ Allmendinger-38 Races
8626 Starts-1 Win*
90683 Starts-1 Win
93113 Starts-0 Wins:Dave Blaney-74 Races
94354 Starts-0 Wins:Bill Elliott-185 Races
95105 Starts-0 Wins:Sterling Marlin-18 Races

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