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Can you name the Nascar drivers with championships in other divisions??

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Series-YearDriverSprint Cup Wins
USAC Midget-1990 Champion...USAC Silver Crown-1991 Champion85
ASA-1983 Champion55
USAC Midget-94, 95 Champion...USAC Sprint Car-1995 Champion...USAC Silver Crown-1995 Champion...IndyCar-1997 Champion44
ASA-78, 79, 80, 86 Champion40
USAC Stock Car-58, 59 Champion26
NNS-2009 Champion23
NNS-1991 Champion21
ARCA-68, 69 Champion21
NNS-2007 Champion19
NNS-1998, 1999 Champion18
K&N Pro Series West-1998 Champion...NNS-01, 06 Champion18
CWTS-2000 Champion...NNS-2002 Champion16
USAC Silver Crown-1999 Champion15
USAC Stock Car-61, 62 Champion9
USAC-60, 61, 63, 64, 67, 75, 79 Champion...USAC Stock Car-68, 78, 79 Champion...USAC Sprint Car-1960 East Champion...USAC Silver Crown-1972 Champion7
NNS-2008 Champion5
USAC Road Racing-1958 Champion5
Grand National East-1972 Champion5
K&N Pro Series West-54, 56, 57 Champion4
K&N Pro Series West-58, 61, 62 Champion4
CWTS-2004 Champion4
USAC Stock Car-1964 Champion...USAC Sprint Car-60 Midwest, 61, 62 Champion4
Series-YearDriverSprint Cup Wins
NNS-2010 Champion4
K&N Pro Series West-1986 Champion4
NNS-1992 Champion4
USAC Sprint Car-1983 Champion...USAC Silver Crown-1982 Champion4
ARCA-58, 59, 60 Champion4
SCORE International-86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 96, 09 Champion...Baja 1000-87, 89, 06 Champion...MTEG Stadium Series-89, 95 Champion3
K&N Pro Series East-1991 Champion2
K&N Pro Series West-69, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75 Champion2
K&N Pro Series West-1955 Champion2
CART-1999 Champion2
K&N Pro Series West-1960 Champion2
Whelen Modified-1986, 1987 Champion2
NNS-2003 Champion2
Formula Ford Euro Cup-1999 Champion...Australian V8 Supercar-03, 04 Champion1
K&N Pro Series West-1965 Champion1
USAC-65, 66, 69 Champion...USAC Silver Crown-1974 Champion...CART-1984 Champion...Formula 1-1978 Champion1
CWTS-2008 Champion...NNS-1995 Champion1
Trans-Am-67, 68, 71 Champion(Unofficial)1
K&N Pro Series East-2007 Champion1
USAC Stock Car-1956 Champion1
USAC Sprint Car-1965 Champion...CART-1980 Champion1
NNS-2004, 2005 Champion1

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