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Can you name the NASCAR Nationwide series top money makers?

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$14,339,932519 Starts---10 Wins
$13,991,045277 Starts---37 Wins---2 Titles
$13,749,499244 Starts---37 Wins---1 Title
$12,997,369222 Starts---51 Wins---1 Title
$10,679,017522 Starts---9 Wins
$10,341,413244 Starts---20 Wins---1 Title
$10,252,049292 Starts---2 Wins
$9,292,965400 Starts---9 Wins---1 Title
$8,688,236179 Starts---8 Wins---1 Title
$8,460,331416 Starts---4 Wins
$8,313,702168 Starts---17 Wins---1 Title
$8,092,155246 Starts---2 Wins
$8,033,904248 Starts---26 Wins
$7,808,722308 Starts---16 Wins---1 Title
$7,701,577350 Starts---15 Wins---2 Titles
$7,437,775253 Starts---5 Wins
$7,711,539226 Starts---6 Wins
$6,641,936265 Starts---0 Wins
$6,490,909103 Starts---13 Wins---2 Titles
$6,277,814314 Starts---6 Wins
$6,259,605201 Starts---3 Wins
$6,191,642359 Starts---16 Wins---1 Title
$6,068,927128 Starts---11 Wins
$6,012,023306 Starts---27 Wins
$5,900,898184 Starts---4 Wins
$5,826,037325 Starts---15 Wins
$5,722,763191 Starts---0 Wins
$5,687,140165 Starts---4 Wins
$5,654,703172 Starts---1 Win
$5,478,199226 Starts---0 Wins
$4,955,604176 Starts---7 Wins
$4,940,854333 Starts---4 Wins
$4,870,478119 Starts---23 Wins---2 Titles
$4,863,896318 Starts---0 Wins
$4,704,253392 Starts---2 Wins
$4,694,006173 Starts---0 Wins
$4,647,624307 Starts---2 Wins
$4,625,237185 Starts---8 Wins
$4,451,589279 Starts---11 Wins
$4,424,909127 Starts---1 Win
$4,323,180146 Starts---0 Wins
$4,272,925117 Starts---3 Wins---1 Title
$4,068,273235 Starts---49 Wins
$4,058,673108 Starts---2 Wins

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