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Can you name the sporting events and winners that happened in 1964?

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1964 World Series Champion 
1964 National League Champion 
1964 American League Champion 
1964 Cy Young Winner 
1964 MLB Most Valuable Player 
1964 MLB Rookie of the Year 
1964 TSN Pitcher of the Year 
1964 NBA Champion 
1964 Eastern Division Champion 
1964 Western Division Champion 
1964 NBA Most Valuable Player 
1964 NBA Rookie of the Year 
NFL Football
1964 NFL Champion 
1964 Eastern Division Champion 
1964 Western Division Champion 
1964 NFL Most Valuable Player 
1964 NFL Rookie of the Year 
AFL Football
1964 AFL Champion 
1964 Eastern Division Champion 
1964 Western Division Champion 
1964 AFL Most Valuable Player 
1964 AFL Rookie of the Year 
1964 NHL Stanley Cup Champions 
1964 NHL Runner-Up 
1964 NHL (Hart Memorial Trophy) MVP 
1964 NHL (Calder Memorial Trophy) ROY 
1964 World Hockey Champions 
1964 National Football Champion 
1964 Heisman Trophy Winner 
1964 National Basketball Champion 
1964 NCAA Basketball MOP 
1964 College World Series Champion 
1964 College World Series MOP 
1964 National Hockey Champion 
Auto Racing
1964 Daytona 500 Winner 
1964 Indianapolis 500 Winner 
1964 NASCAR Champion 
1964 USAC Champion 
1964 NHRA Champion 
1964 Formula 1 Champion 
Horse Racing
1964 Kentucky Derby Winner 
1964 Belmont Stakes Winner 
1964 Preakness Stakes Winner 
1964 Heavyweight Champ til Feb 25 
1964 Heavyweight Champ on Feb 25 
1964 Middleweight Champ til Dec 14 
1964 Middleweight Champ on Dec 14 
Men's Golf
1964 Masters Champion 
1964 U.S. Open Champion 
1964 British Open Champion 
1964 PGA Championship Winner 
Women's Golf
1964 LPGA Western Open Champion 
1964 LPGA Championship Winner 
1964 Women's US Open Champion 
1964 LPGA Titleholders Championship 
1964 US Tennis Champion 
1964 Wembley Tennis Champion 
1964 French Tennis Champion 
1964 Australian Tennis Champion 
1964 Davis Cup Champions 
1964 Tour de France Winner 
1964 World Cycling Champion 
1964 FA Cup Champions 
1964 European Nations Cup Champion 
1964 Grey Cup Champions 
1964 America's Cup Champion 
1964 World Surfing Champion 
1964 Wheel-Driven Land Speed Record 
1964 Summer Games Site 
1964 USA Medal Count-Summer 
1964 USA Gold Medals-Summer 
1964 Winter Games Site 
1964 USA Medal Count-Winter 
1964 USA Gold Medals-Winter 
Athlete of the Year
1964 AP Male Athlete of the Year 
1964 AP Female Athlete of the Year 

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