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In England, known as 'the beautiful game'
Featured in the film Space Jam
Jokingly described as 'not a contact sport but a collision sport'
'A hooligans' game played by gentlemen'
A contact sport with it's roots in the North of England
Originally played as a warm up game for cricketers
Featured the infamous Stanford Super Series
'The pitcher and the batter in a battle of wits'
A spongier alternative to (see above)
The UK version of a popular US sport of which it was the origin
Fast paced, action-packed sport played on ice
Winter sport played on an outdoor ice-rink where players wield curved sticks or 'bandies'
National sport of India and Pakistan
Game played with sticks containing net pockets
Players move clockwise around the court throughout the game
Another version of a court sport, but played by the sea instead
Known as 'kick volleyball' - popular in Thailand and Malaysia
Hoop sport stereotypically played by females
A sport rivalling football (soccer) in Scandinavia - played on a court
Game associated with Irish nationalism
Golf is an alternative form of this sport 'modified by a more cautious race'
Originated in the highlands of Scotland and known locally as 'camanachd'
Film featuring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller
Trial of strength
Involves the throwing of a circular disk
Aquatic alternative to an historic game played on horseback
Originating around 600BC this sport is played on horseback
Another sport played on horseback - comparitively new and originally played in France

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