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Can you name the batman family?

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Robin 1
later becomes
and then...
Batgirl 1
Later becomes
Robin 2
Later becomes
Which was also the original name of...
Batgirl 2
Her mother is?
Her father is?
She (#10) later goes by?
Robin 3
later goes by
Batgirl 3
Was originally called?
Her father is
What other title did she have?
Robin 5
His mother is?
In the future he becomes?
Energetic girl mentored by oracle?
Her catch phrase is?
Daughter of a mob boss who was Batgirl for a short time?
She later becomes?
A title she took from?
Her mother is?
Alternate world Robin with an old retired batman?
Faceless detective
First one's name?
Second one's name?
Who was formally a?
Batwoman pre crisis
Bat-Girl pre crisis
Batwoman post crisis
Who was kicked out of the...
For being a...
Her cousin's name?
Who's hero identity is?
Batman's thief lover?
Real name?
Who take's over for her?
Team founded by first Robin?
Team founded by third Robin?
Super screaming heroine?
Who's married to?
Speedy 1
Daughter's name?
Speedy 2

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