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YearFilmLead Actors
1973Donald Sutherland / Julie Christie
1949Joseph Cotten / Orson Welles
1988Freda Dowie / Pete Postlethwaite
1969David Bradley
1948Moira Shearer
1946David Niven / Kim Hunter
1970Mick Jagger
1949Alec Guinness / Dennis Price
1968Malcolm McDowell
1996Ewan McGregor / Jonny Lee Miller
1993David Thewlis / Katrin Cartlidge
1945Celia Johnson / Trevor Howard
1935Robert Donat / Madeleine Carroll
1943Deborah Kerr / Roger Livesey
1987Richard E. Grant / Paul McGann
1947Deborah Kerr
1944John Sweet / Eric Portman
1961Deborah Kerr
1975Ryan O'Neal / Marisa Berenson
1979Terry Gilliam / Eric Idle
1997Ray Winstone / Kathy Burke
1960Albert Finney / Shirley Anne Field
1962Peter O'Toole
1985Jonathan Pryce / Bob Hoskins
1946John Mills / Alec Guinness
1945Wendy Hiller / Roger Livesey
1972Stephen Archibald / Hughie Restorick
1973Stephen Archibald / Hughie Restorick
1978Stephen Archibald / Paul Kermack
1973Edward Woodward / Christopher Lee
1960Karl Boehm / Moira Shearer
1955Alec Guinness / Peter Sellers
1938Margaret Lockwood / May Whitty
1971Michael Caine
YearFilmLead Actors
1996Timothy Spall / Phyllis Logan
1971Malcolm McDowell
1963Dirk Bogarde / Sarah Miles
1962Michael Redgrave / Tom Courteney
1947Googie Withers / Edward Chapman
1942Leslie Banks / C.V. France
1999Tommy Flanagan / Mandy Matthews
1968Vincent Price / Ian Ogilvy
1943Philip Dickson / George Gravett
1936Sylvia Sidney / Oskar Homolka
1965Catherine Deneuve / Ian Hendry
1948Ralph Richardson / Michele Morgan
1966David Hemmings / Vanessa Redgrave
2008Stuart Graham / Laine Megaw
1997Andrew Kotting / Eden Kotting
1983Burt Lancaster / Peter Riegert
1963Richard Harris / Rachel Roberts
1975John Cleese / Michael Palin
1980David Beames / Lisa Kreuzer
1986Sean Bean / Robbie Coltrane
1968Keir Dullea / Gary Lockwood
1981John Gordon Sinclair / Dee Hepburn
1929Anny Ondra / John Longden
1980Bob Hoskins / Helen Mirren
1971Jenny Agutter
1971Jane Asher / John Moulder-Brown
1976Roger Sloman / Alison Steadman
1999Jim Broadbent / Allan Corduner
1958Christopher Lee / Peter Cushing
1999Shirley Henderson
YearFilmLead Actors
1949Basil Radford
1945Michael Redgrave / Googie Withers
1968Oliver Reed / Ron Moody
1980Art Garfunkel / Theresa Russell
1974Geir Westby
1992Marjorie Yates / Leigh McCormack
1951Alec Guinness / Michael Gough
1994Hugh Grant / Andie MacDowell
1999Bob Hoskins / Paddy Considine
1974Georgine Anderson / John Atkinson
1929Anna May Wong / Gilda Gray
1963Tom Courtenay / Julie Christie
1973Sean Connery / Trevor Howard
1997Samantha Morton / Claire Rushbrook
1962Sean Connery / Ursula Andress
1992Tilda Swinton / Billy Zane
1929Norah Baring / Uno Henning
2009Katie Jarvis / Michael Fassbender
1959Ian Carmichael / Peter Sellers
1957William Holden / Alec Guinness
1950Richard Widmark / Gene Tierney
2006Thomas Turgoose / Joe Gilgun
1970Julie Christie / Alan Bates
1993Nigel Terry / Tilda Swinton
1995Ian Hart / Rosana Pastor
2004Paddy Considine / Gary Stretch
1964Michael Caine
2002Steve Coogan / Lennie James
2006Lorraine Stanley / Georgia Groome
1973Vincent Price / Diana Rigg
2002Cillian Murphy / Naomie Harris
1960Ian Carmichael / Terry-Thomas

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