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Forced Order
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Just to tie a little shoelace/And to share a sleeping bag/And I look ahead to the day that I'll look back at all the fun that I've had
Well these days I'm spread so thin/It's like I'm being carried up by the wind/Every time you get high/You might see me floating by
I've never told this story to another living soul/For fear it might awaken and the story would unfold/Candles in a courtyard and a paper colored cat
Hexakosioahexakontahexaphobia can be a fun ordeal/I swear by Solomon's seal
The lemon tree/It laughs at me/It's growing beautifully/The little vine/It won't unwind
Because my teeth don't bite/I can take them out dancin'/I can take my little teeth out and show them a real good time
I close my eyes and I see you dancing/Do you see me when you close yours too/Cause every kiss that I don't give/Is another life that I don't live
You got to go blank to let it appear/The garden on high grows bigger each year/Without the black stone you can't break the string/The omniverse sings of all these things
And I need you to recognise my friends/Cause they're there even though you don't see them/They got their own chair, a plate, and a seat/No I won't touch my food until they eat
Cotton old cloud smoke/I know he feels it/Rising from an oak because I feel it/Heat burns, heat burns, mesmerizing, mesmerizing
Love is the birth of a nation/Born from the good womb of humankind/All these stories of creation came from the same flame of the most high
When I'm on my way for a nature walk/I don't stop to sing 'til I start to talk
Do I buy a wig/Should I grow my beard/And comb it upwards and around my ears
And hey there Mr Happy Squid/You move so psychedelically/You hypnotize with your happy dance all the animals in the sea
This is the beard/I'm always growing/I know they're here/I see them floating

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