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Can you name the cartoon network shows?

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7 guys who work at a park
random sketches making fun of everything
boy with talking dog and genius sisters
clones battling robots
3 cats go on a quest to defeat a bandaged evil
3 heroes fight aliens with cool powers and more transformations
5 monsters live in a mountain
people get hit by walls
loser gets destroyed
3 dudes make crazy experiments
old sidekicks battle bad guys on a team
machine kid has a monkey sidekick
superhero teams up with other superheroes
talking dog solves mysteries with 4 teens
3 kids turn into monsters and battle weirdos
kid battles other kid with weird ceatures
afraid rodent likes to stack
kids battle each other with balls
kid with cool watch trips with grandpa and cousin
3 guys solve problems they usually make worse
animals running a hotel
kids train to be sidekicks
fat cat likes to bother puppy and owner
4 heroes recruit animals to fight a jerk
2 people with mech-suits battle aliens
contestants get voted off and make alliances around the world
3 heroes with cool powers fight aliens
kid and pirate live in a whale's mouth
fat thing is a chef's apprentice
kids battle each other with tops
marvel heroes are in a squad
5 heroes battle trans-dimensional creatures
contestants get voted off and make alliances on a movie set
all your favorite old cartoons
animals go to camp with cabins named after beans
kids fight adult tyranny
dog lives in the middle of nowhere
ginger is super smart and has an annoying sister
3 guys with the same name want jawbreakers
weird creatures live in a foster home
2 kids are best friends with the grim reaper
human goes to an animal school
professor made 3 'perfect' little girls
5 heroes live in a tower shaped like a big t
the cat can never get the mouse
a kid and dog are heroes
cat and fish do completely idiotic stuff
a rabbit a duck live together and do stupid stuff

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