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linemovie titlescene
cabs are so damn expensive, want to share?french guy outside the airport
thats a lovely accent you have, new jersey?beginning scene
pink underwear works, pink underwear the car with angelina jolie
Wanted to try out my sea legs, you aint got no egs Lt. Dane.on the dock meeting forrest
until umm ..gamble here wont be able to get a nickel for his grandmaroom full of gangsters
no regrets. thats my motto, that and everyone wang chung tonight.outside his house while iceing his balls
i put the diamond in the coat, I PUT THE COAT ON HER!when they finally get away from him
You have your own McDonaldsWalking in richies house
So the morgue can identify the bodieswhy is the name on the jerseys
Bitch ill put you right down there with himEating on the floor
You and your friends are deadbank robbery
Croc skin croc skin, butter cream, croc skin. What size is the waist? let's go department

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