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Know your Justified

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Truth always sounds like lies to a sinner.
I shot people I like more for less.
I tell you to do one simple thing - refrain from screwing the witness in your own shooting!
If I start counting down from ten, I may lose my patience at five.
Fire in the hole!
This **** makes me hard
It was already in the glass
I just about forgot how much I hate the sound of your voice. Using every word in the Webster's without ever saying a damn thing.
Are you a midget? Because that's a midget shovel.
Card? I though finding people is what Marshals do.
You crackers wouldn't know pulled pork from pig's bum
Drew Bacca
Kiss. My. Ass.
You want me to pay you not to kill me?
Well that's like warning a man it's gonna rain when he's already wet.
I didn't have no God damn sex with Teddy.
No I'm sure you and 'Rapes With a Smile' here were just talking.
If my stiffy lasts much longer I'm going to have to consult my physician. What's your opinion?
So how about at six o'clock this p.m. I put a little limp in that Gary Cooper walk.
You all come to watch the hillbilly with the snakes? Or did you COME to be saved?
You stay frosty
Oh ****, it's a piggy bank!
Holy ****. You mean I had four kidneys?
I'm done trying to change who you are.
You're not playing Russian Roulette dumb ****, you're playing Harlan Roulette.
Raylan, I am so sorry. I would love to be of more help, but I gotta get back to watching women's tennis.
Oh you know I was going to tell you... I was reading somewhere a person takes like 6000-7000 steps a believe that.. a day..
You make me pull my hand out of this bag, you might not like what it comes up with.
What happens now is not with fate, or history, or God, it's with you.
Is that why you came out here all by your lonesome? Because you wanted to give me the chance to High Noon it?
You put up our house as collateral for a God damn horse?
Ma ain't never left me in charge...Dickie neither. Here you sit?
I'm Federal Marshall Raylan Givens! Don't nobody mess with me around these parts!
Are you going to pull the trigger or talk me to death?
Don't you usually wear an obnoxious hat?
You take one bite of Prince's and you start sweating like a **** in church.
Honestly, I'd rather stick my dick in a blender

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