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QUIZ: Can you name the Non-Intimidating Sports Team Names?

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NBAPOOF! Do players come out to the court on flying carpets?
NBAYou're named after the thing on the court that the other team's shots go through over and over...
NHLOh I get it, your team is from Canada!
MLBI'm more intimidated by that rabid rally monkey than your team name.
NHLOh I get it, your team plays on a Long Island!
MLBBaby bears so ferocious that they haven't won a title in over 100 years.
MLBYour own fans gave you a nickname taken from a cream-filled pastry to toughen things up. But your new stadium is a tremendous improvement over the HomerDome.
NFLOh I get it, your team is from Texas!
NHLYou're named after the iconic Canadian foliage, but didn't go with red and white for team colors because...?
MLBNaming your team after your city is so smart, only a young female horse could think of it!
NFLThis ain't Sea World, this is real as it gets! Though you do have some lovely doll-fans in the stands.
NBAA better name would be the 'Mormon Tabernacle Choirs', but that's a mouthful.
MLBRuby Colored Hosiery. I'm scared!
MLBSo... I'm supposed to be intimidated by the sunshine that is blocked by the dome's roof?
NHLA very sad hockey team. Really down in the dumps.
NBASo... pants?
NBAWell, I guess it gets hot in the desert.
MLBPale Colored Hosiery. I'm scared!
NFLRival fans taunt you by putting 'Fudge' in front of your name, but you've got more titles than everyone else, so that's nice.
NFLNot only am I not intimidated, I'm pretty offended. Signed: Native Americans
MLBOne of many teams simply named after a color, but this baseball team is one of the oldest in the NL.
NFLThis team has been a _____ stain on the NFL since its return in 1999.
NHLOh I get it, your team is from Canada!
MLBWhile your team keeps on losing, why not pour me another cold one?
MLBMoving down from Canada and then spelling your team name wrong on your jersey won't intimidate me!

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