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QUIZ: Can you name the Famous Mustache?

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Forced Order
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HintWearer of Iconic Mustache
This mustache's princess has been in another castle since 1983
Please state this mustache in the form of a question
Frankly, my dear, this mustache doesn't give a damn
A mustache with a poster of bacon and eggs over his desk
Hawaii; Ferrari; Mustache
Remember the classic song 'Hello, I mustache be going.'
The Iron 'Mustache' lead the '84 Bears to the Superbowl
This mustache is surreal
Philosophically: Mustache is dead
One might say that in these 'Modern Times', that this mustache's silence is refreshing
Energy = mustache times the speed of light squared
This ones got the mustache and the diddly
He won seven gold mustaches in '72
This blonde mustache could tear his shirt right off his body
HintWearer of Iconic Mustache
If mustache not success, I will be execute
Mustache: the Human Torch was denied a bank loan
That mustache is OPERATIONAL!
This handlebar mustache gets an Oakland 'A' in my book
Memorable movies include: 'The Best Little Mustache in Texas', 'The Longest Mustache' and 'Stachey and the Bandit'
If you had the voice of Mel Blanc and a mustache that connected to your eyebrows who would you be?
This seafaring mustache most likely spends his time with Count Chocula and Tony the Tiger
Need mustache advise, tune in to his show
If you cross this guy you may get a mustache in your tailpipe
Mustache; Bowtie; Film; Publication
You might be a mustache if...
This mustache may appear briefly in your movie to give a pearl of wisdom

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