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QUIZ: Can you name the movies set on trains?

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Ethan Hawke, Julie DelpyRomantic Drama (1995)
Sean ConnerySpy (1963)
Albert FinneyBritish Mystery (1974)
Steve Martin, John CandyComedy (1987)
Tom HanksChildren (2004)
A.J. Castro, Julia RuizB-Horror Movie (2006)
Farley Granger, Ruth RomanThriller (1951)
Billy Crystal, Danny DeVitoBlack Comedy (1987)
Woody Harrelson, Emily MortimerThriller (2008)
Steven SeagalAction (1995)
Charles BronsonWestern (1975)
Omar Sharif, Julie ChristieWar Romance (1965)
Lee Marvin, Ernest BorgnineHobo Movie (1975)
Margaret Lockwood, Michael RedgraveBritish Thriller (1938)
Buster KeatonComedy (1927)
Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben JohnsonHorror (1980)
Jon Voight, Rebecca De MornayThriller (1985)
A.C. AbadieSilent (1903)
Walter Mathau, Robert ShawHeist (1974)
Gene Wilder, Richard PryorComedy-Thriller (1976)
Paul Newman and Robert RedfordHeist (1973)
Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra BullockAction-Thriller (1994)

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