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Can you name the One Direction trivia??

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Harry Styles Birthday?
Louis Tomlinson's Birthday?
Niall Horan's Birthday?
Liam Payne's Birthday?
Zayn Malik's Birthday?
Zayn's original name?
How many r's in terrance?
What did 1d sing at judges house on x-factor?
Louis's favorite song by them?
Zayn's favorite food?
Liam's phobia is of ____?
Who's worst habit is getting naked?( first and last name)
Niall's favorite restaurant?
Liam is from_____
Zayn is from ______
Louis is from_______
Harry is from ____
Niall is from _____ in Ireland
Niall's most common nickname
Louis's most common nick name?
Liam's most common nickname?
Zayn's most common nickname?
Harry's nickname that Liam calls him??
_____ is the funny one (first and last names)
_____ is the mysterious quite one
_____ is the cheeky one
_____ is the smart and sensible one
_____ is the cute, Irish one
Louis's middle name:
Which two boys have the same middle name?
Zayn _____ Malik
Harold _____ Styles
Who sang Cry Me a River as their audition song?
What did Louis sing as his audition song?
Niall's audition song was by ____
Harry sang _______ by Stevie Wonder for his audition
Zayn's audition song was written by_____
The boy's favorite TV show?
_____ has no sisters
Zayn's 3 sister's names:
Gemma is _____ older sister
Phoebe and ____ are two of Louis's sisters
Nicole and ____ are Liam's sisters
Eleanor _____ and Louis Tomlinson are dating
Harry's older girlfriends name?
Perrie and ____ date on and off
Liam's ex-girlfriend is _____ Peazer
Niall's interviewer on BBc radio1 on October 6th was ________
_____ biggest fear is heights
Louis jokingly said he likes girls who eat____
Liam likes what color eyes on girls?
(true or false) Zayn likes tall girls
(true or false) Niall likes it when girls play hard to get
who goes for older woman?
Who got bitten by a sea urchin during X Factor?
(true or false) Niall Horan is a natural blonde
Louis's favorite type of shoes?
Zayn's favorite type of shoes?
Liam's favorite color?
Who doesn't wear any socks?
Who wears two pairs of socks?
_____ favorite film is toy story(triology)
(true or false) Liam has 1 kidneys
Zayn's favorite book series is:
Niall's favorite color is ____
Harry twitter is:@____
Liam's twitter account is:@___
Niall's twitter is: @___
Zayn's twitter is: @___
Louis's is: @____
What was their debut single called?
Harry Styles's favorite animal?
_____ came up with name One Direction
How tall are the One Direction dolls?
who worked at a bakery before x-factor?
One Direction's Spanish name?
Louis's Spanish name?
Niall's Spanish name?
Zayn's Spanish name?
Liam's Spanish name?
Harry's Spanish name?

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