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open and close
power held by the people
has both a number and color in it
opposite of night
opposite of cold
human shelter
opposite of hot
united states citizen
not a ______ of rain but a ______ of ____
row your boat
public transportation
a toy for little girls
actors read
summer in girl
look out men here they come
can't see
break/destroy, body part
line of light
type of bird
first double digit
parent's male sibling
some posters say this above a person's picture
arrows navigate
goes with black, classic arcade game
last name neutron
to have a good time
dancing party
object used in most sports
able to see well
an element
can be verbal or physical, present tense
happening right now on air
what you do to talk on the phone
chuck e cheese, type of music
to treat a sickness
the two genders
what the sun does
metal worker
hot food
to change to something else
political or social reform
religious belief or faith
weapon, flower

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