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Can you name the how mutch do you know about the avengers

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Forced Order
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who helps the asguardian aura the enchantress
name one of the original 5 avengers
witch avenger replaced the hulk
who was the first villian the avengers ever fought
were was the first avengers base
in the first ever avengers comic who was the largest
who invented the masyers of evil
who was the man who infeltraited the avengers to help the masters of evil
witch avengers left for vacations three others enterd name one of thoes three
who was the avenger that thought to name the team avegers
does antman have super powers
witch two avengers knew eatch other before the avengers
witch avenger has a hammer
how may avengers( of the avengers of the first 20 comics) have a hand held wepon
how many of the first 5 avengers have no powers but a powerfull suit

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