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Wake up, stretch out, wonder what you're doing right now
You live down the street in a broken down house
I know we've got a lot to say between now and forever
She walks to school with her arms crossed, it's just another day
I drive around this town in a Mustang with the top down
I need you now, red letters that I wrote on the wall and the message that I left when I called
I had to catch my breath when I saw you there across the room, holding her hand
Let's watch the tide chasing waves onto the sand
It wasn't just like amoive, the rain didn't soak through my clothes down to my skin
i don't think that passenger seat has ever looked this good to me
First LineSong
Look at you, look at me, look at who we could be
I heard a song tonihgt on the radio, another girl sings about a boy
I like glitter and sparkly dressses but I'm not gonna talk about that in my monologue
I'm a laid back, t'shirt, blue jeans, mood ring kinda girl
American boy, living life as it comes

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