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The stock market crash in the US in the 1920s began the...
What were one of the main factors that led to the Great Depression such as producing more then needed?
What kind of goverment is fascism?
This man becomes chancellor of Germany in 1933.
Benito Mussolini comes to power after the march of _____
Laws passed limiting Jews were called?
This played a big role on Hitler's rise to power of Germany
FDR's plan to get the United States out of the Great Depression
Fascist leader of Itlay, built the first totalitarion state
Also known as the 'Night of Broken Glass' when Nazi's attacked Jewish communities all over Germany and Austria
This pact created in 1928 outlawed war.
This man who made a 5 year plan used propaganda to boost the morale of the communist system?
What country was hit hard by the Treaty of Versailles?
This woman is know for her discoveries with radioactivity.
Hitler's secret police created to enforce his totalitarian rule was called ______
Construction on the Maginot line began on the border of Germany and _____
When the fear of communism swept the US in 1919-1920
What did the Labour Party start moving towards?
Fearing civil war, who asked Mussolini to form a goverment as prime minister?
In 1929, Mussolini recived support from who in return for recongnizing Vatican city as an independent state?

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