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Can you name the FBS Teams by their Colors?

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Blue and WhiteACC
Scarlet and GreyBig 10
Green and GoldBig East
Green and WhiteSun Belt
Red, White, Black, and GoldACC
Red and BlackBig East, Bearcats
Orange, Green, and WhiteACC
Brown and GoldMountain West
ScarletBig East
Orange and BlackBig 12
OrangeBig East
Midnight Blue and GoldMAC
Old Gold and BlueBig East
Cherry and SilverMountain West
Cardinal and BlackMAC
Green and WhiteMAC
Scarlet Red and Albino WhiteConference USA
Cardinal Red and WhiteSEC
Garnet and GoldACC
Blue and GoldIndependent, Midshipman
Harvard Crimson and Yale BlueConference USA
Blue and WhiteMAC
Crimson and Cream Big 12
Orange, Blue, White, and SilverConference USA
Crimson and WhiteSEC
Blue and WhiteBig 10
Olive Green and Sky BlueConference USA
Dark Blue, White, and TanMountain West
Harvard Crimson and Yale BlueSEC
Black and Old GoldConference USA
Blue and WhiteBig East
Cardinal Red and WhitePac-10
Gold, Blue, and WhiteWAC
Scarlet and CreamBig 12
Orange and RegaliaACC
Purple and GoldConference USA
Orange and Navy BlueSEC
Navy Blue and GoldMAC
Black and GoldConference USA, Golden Eagles
Garnet and BlackSEC
Orange and Navy BlueBig 10
Cream and CrimsonBig 10
Green and WhiteConference USA
Black and ScarletMountain West
Black and GoldBig 10
Green and BlackWAC
Old Gold, Royal Blue, Yellow, and CrimsonConference USA
Maize and BlueBig 10
Crimson and WhiteWAC
White and Old GoldACC
Green and WhiteBig 10
Green and GoldMountain West
Red and WhiteSun Belt
Blue and GoldPac-10
Blue and GoldIndependent, Fighting Irish
Red and WhiteMAC
Burt Orange and WhiteBig 12
Cardinal and WhiteBig 10
Orange and BlueSEC
Carolina Blue and WhiteACC
Green and YellowPac-10
Red and BlackSEC
Black and GoldWAC
Cardinal and GoldPac-10
Maroon and WhiteSEC
Green and GoldBig 12
Purple and GoldPac-10
Vermillion and WhiteSun Belt
Scarlet and BlackSun Belt
Purple and WhiteMountain West
Red and WhiteACC
Maroon and GoldBig 10
Blue, Red, and SilverSun Belt
Cardinal and WhiteMAC
Old Gold and BlackACC
Maroon and GoldSun Belt
Purple and GoldSEC
Cardinal, Black, and SilverSun Belt
Red and BlackBig East, Cardinals
Cardinal and GoldBig 12
Royal PurpleBig 12
Blue and GreyConference USA, Owls
Cardinal and BlueWAC
Crimson and GreyPac-10
Silver and GoldBig 12
Old Gold and BlackBig 10
Blue and GoldBig East
Blue and GreyConference USA, Tigers
Blue and GoldSun Belt
Maroon and GoldMAC
Blue, Crimson, Yellow, and GreyBig 12
Maroon and GoldPac-10
Blue and WhiteSEC
Black and GoldBig 12
Hunter Green and WhiteMAC
Maroon and WhiteBig 12
Blue and SilverWAC
Aggie Blue and Fighting WhiteWAC
Black and GoldSEC
Chicago Maroon and Burnt OrangeACC
Blue and SilverMountain West
Purple and WhiteBig 10
Blue and OrangeWAC
Cardinal Red and Navy BluePac-10
Brown and GoldMAC
Scarlet and GreyMountain West
Crimson and WhiteMountain West
Orange and Navy BlueACC
Forest Green and GoldConference USA
Royal Blue and WhiteSun Belt
Blue and GoldMAC
Tech Blue and RedWAC
Orange and BrownMAC
Maroon and GoldACC
Black, Grey, and GoldIndependent
Cherry and WhiteMAC
Orange and BlackPac-10
Scarlet and BlackBig 12
Yale Blue and California GoldPac-10

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