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Some people in this quiz are lying. If somebody is a liar, EVERYTHING they say is untrue. Enter either "i" for innocent people (lying or not), or a name of an object/its initials/last word (e.g. "fob watch"/"fw"/"watch") in each cell. "Adjacent" includes diagonals. People can "hear" things coming from their adjacent cells. Try and guess who has which of the Doctor's belongings, most importantly, his fob watch containing his memories, and the TARDIS. Both innocent people (i) and people with objects can be liars, but whether they are lying or not isn't specified in the answers you have to give. John Smith is telling the truth.
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John Smith



Martha Jones


Donna Noble

The Doctor

Madame Vastra & Jenny Flint

The Master

Captain Jack Harkness

Amy Pond & Rory Williams

Ood Sigma

Rose Tyler

Clara 'Oswin' Oswald

Weeping Angels (Don't blink! And keep and eye on them!)

Doctor... who? Smith?! I'm confused, leave me alone!


Face of Boe

River Song


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