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Can you name the jobs or work places the Friends have worked at?

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RossAt the New York Museum of Natural History
RossAt the New York University
MonicaAt the start of the series
MonicaFired for accepting a gift
MonicaYou're not allergic to anything, are you?
MonicaWearing fake boobs, a wig and roller blades
MonicaPartners with Phoebe
MonicaWith destroying reviews
MonicaWhere her collegues hated her
MonicaOffered the job of head chef
ChandlerWell, that was easy :)
ChandlerStarting all over
PhoebeAt the start of the series
PhoebeAt Chandler's work place
PhoebeNot so successfull
PhoebePartners with Monica
PhoebeSaving lives
PhoebeWhat doesn't Joey do for his friends?
PhoebeAgainst her ideals
JoeyMentioned in the pilot episode
JoeyExclamation mark!
JoeyLost role due to overacting
JoeyAs 'Victor' going to outer space
JoeyThe Season 1 Thanksgiving episode
JoeyAnd screw over a fellow actor
JoeyWith the robot
JoeyOnly appeared in a body bag
JoeyFilming in the Vegas desert
JoeyDuring Monica and Chandler's wedding
JoeyFell down an elevator shaft and got out of his coma
JoeyAt Central Perk
JoeyPhoebe disapproved
JoeyWhen the movie got cancelled
JoeyAt Ross' Museum
JoeyDressed as cowboy
JoeyAt Monica's work, just to get fired
JoeyAs 'Joseph the Processing Guy'
JoeyLooking quite ridiculous
RachelHer first real job
RachelSeperating hangers
RachelAs assistant buyer
RachelWhere she even gets an assistant

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