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Can you name the details from Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies?

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When did Jack lose his innocence?
Who wanted to tell Ralph that Jack is the beast?
Who helped Ralph build the shelters?
What did the paint on their faces represent?
What did the boys use to call a meeting?
What color is Jack's hair?
Who died first?
What is the Lord of the Flies?
Who died third?
What symbolized intelligence?
Where did the boys think the beast lived?
Who was going to sharpen a stick at both ends?
How did the boys end up on the island?
When the island caught on fire, what did Ralph see before Jack could kill him?
What did they say when they danced?
What happened when the fire went out?
Who died second?
What were the twins' names?
Who was Jack's enforcer?
Who is elected the leader of the boys?
What did Piggy's aunt own?
How did Piggy die?
What were the younger kids called?
Of personal hygeine, what did Ralph want most?
How did Simon die?

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