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Can you name the weaponry throughout the ages?

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name a weapon known for
being The first known weapon, also used as a tool
being bladed weapon, usually thrown, known for its length
being large bladed weapon, usually 6-8 feet long, known for it's use by knights
being large bladed weapon, usually 10-12 feet long, known for it's use by knights
being a version of the above weapon, used by infantry
being a weapon of siege, it used a counter weight to launch projectiles over a wall
being also a weapon of siege, it used power from a coiled rope to launch stones at walls
being smaller version of the 6-8 foot long weapon used by knights, used by normal infantry
being the first used in the midde ages, they were much smaller versions of swords, used if ones sword broke
its use at the battle of agincourt, it had a range of about 160 yards
name a weapon known for
it's use in a popular first person shooter game, it is related to the above answer
being first pioneered by the chinese, it is widely known for its use in the revolutionary war
its continued use through to today, these were only used as hunting weapons up to the revolutionary war
being designed to fire as many bullets as possible, even at the expense of accuracy
having multiple barrels, the concept was invented by joseph gatling
its capability of being firable from anything at anything, but have engines and guidance
being commonly mounted on tanks, these weapons are designed to destroy large targets
being used as artillery, these fire projectiles at a high arc. used as a killstreak in a popular first person shooter
being also used as artillery, the fire large projectiles to take out many weak targets at once

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