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Forced Order
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Name one of the main Friends characters!
How many seasons are there?
What is the theme song title?
What is Joey's soap opera show called?
Who is Phoebe's twin sister?
Name one of Rachel's sisters.
Which Friend was obese when he/she was young?
What is the name of Ross and Rachel's daughter?
How many divorces does Ross have?
Name one of the women he has divorced.
In what year did the show start?
Name one of the places Rachel has worked at.
What is Phoebe's most popular song on the show?
Which holiday does Chandler hate?
What is the name of Carol's lesbian life partner?
Which sister did Chandler fool around with at Joey's birthday party?
What are the names of the children that Monica and Chandler adopted?
Which main character was on the game show Pyramid?
What are one of Rachel's childhood pets.
When she was supposed to legally change her last name to Buffay-Hannigan, what did Phoebe actually change her name into?

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