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QUIZ: Can you name the Summer 2011 Movies based on two opposing blurbs from critics?

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The best 3D horror movie ever made, as much for its superlative technical merits as for its satisfying thrills.I don't like to kvetch, but I do think it's a little unfair when I see the same film over and over, and I have to keep coming up with something new to say about it.
If these movies have done nothing else, they have shown great skill in playing directly to a target audience, never swaying from that mission, and doing it exceptionally well.There's visual overstatement, stone-heavy exposition, self-seriousness (masquerading as maturity), CGI-laden plot (falling short of spectacle), and predictable action sequences.
This is indeed good old (character), nothing to fear. No space robots or serial killers have been added to the cast.Harmless, but unnecessary; it doesn't improve upon the 1960s shorts, and it's certainly no substitute for reading the original stories aloud with children...
It's not the summer's must-see movie, but it's a fun welcome return to form for a series that proves there are still some exciting escapades of (character) yet to be told.It all goes on and on, and becomes excessively complicated without becoming clever, and there's a real sense of arrogant laziness about the whole production.
Among the year's more pleasant surprises in terms of blockbusters and would-be blockbusters.Lacking a single memorable joke or striking image, (movie) is as perfunctory and passionless as would-be franchise resurrections get.
No clever messages here, just bang-on romance and action, with another fresh twist on 20th-century history woven in for the kids to dive into after the credits have rolled.Altogether inferior to Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.
Nicely combines visual splendor and an earthly fish-out-of-water tale with (director) bringing a Shakespearean flair to the proceedings.I approached this new lollapalooza with an open mind that was quickly addled by loads of back story and front story and an ear-splitting avalanche of special effects.
Apart from having no particular reason to exist onscreen, especially at these prices, it's not half bad.It's almost as if no one cared to try hard enough to tell a coherent and engaging story.
...while it has its moments of silliness, the central premise of 'it's not nice to fool Mother Nature' is well developed.This whole series has gotten out of hand ...
Hard to root for such a selfish lead, but (movie) has just enough politically incorrect humor to warrant a grade of B.If you can see past the dismal sexual politics of (movie), which I couldn't, you might applaud the gall of a film that expends so little effort in forcing us to like its central character.
Not only superior to the novel that was its inspiration, it also may be the most surprising movie of the year, with more than a dozen indelible, distinctive characters...A high-functioning tearjerker, but the catharsis it offers feels glib and insufficient, a Barbie Band-Aid on the still-raw wound of race relations in America.
More of a spinoff than a sequel, (movie) succeeds on the back of a much more likeable hero and plot full of silly fun and adventure.What an irony that (movie) is in many ways the epitome of the fast-paced, superficial postmodernity that its predecessor bemoaned.
It's got laughs and chills in exactly the right measure, just as good, old-fashioned B-movie entertainment should.Hey, no Twilight vegan, goody-two-shoes crap here. At least this vampire sucks. Unfortunately, so does much of his movie
It will probably appeal mostly to baby boomers desperately searching for something other than big blow-up movies or yet another 3D disaster.(actor) confuses 'likeable and nice' with 'boring and pointless.'
For good or ill, is the soul of a new machine, the poet of post-human cinema, the CEO of Hollywood's military-entertainment complex.Marveling at its grotesque gigantism doesn't make this two-and-a-half-hour-long movie any less dull.
Everything about (movie) harks back to simpler times, the music and technology of the era evoking something nostalgic and comforting without being flippant or facetious.You can't write an original screenplay while stealing from better directors.
I can't (movie)in' believe I'm actually going to say this, but (movie) is not a cinematic travesty. Far from it, in fact.It's raw and mean-spirited, with too many of the (movie) word substitutions more naughty than nice ('Who (movie)ed?' or 'Where the (movie) are we?'). That's (movie)ed up.
Good ReviewMovie TitleBad Review
The very fact no attempt is made to hide the over-acted performances and under-developed storyline will sit perfectly fine with fans of this kind of junk.(actor) speaks in one of those trying-too-hard baritones heard in young jocks whose greatest fear is being called gay.
A film that entertains, even if it doesn't live up to the full-on madness potential the title portended.It's fun to think about what (movie) might have been if any creativity had crept past the title page.
(actor)'s warmest, funniest movie in years and its perfect for kids and adults.The frontrunner for worst film of (actor)'s career.
It's a bit like the Three Stooges on crack -- nutty, loud, profane and full of laughs.Wants to be dark, wants to be funny...winds up really being neither.
It isn't just 'Rare!,' as its title heroine would say - it's a seriously perfect vacation destination.It begins with bedazzled credits, and it's downhill from there.
A sort of raunchy It's a Wonderful Life, though the plentiful nudity and babbling brooks of profanity tip the scale from sensitivity to outrageousness.Pee-pee humor abounds in (movie). There's also a lot of poo-poo humor. And ta-ta humor.
If you're a fan, you'll love it. If you're not a fan, you probably won't be seeing it anyway.No one involved seems the least bit worried that a show about social outcasts has become an engine for conformity and consumption.
It's romantic, touching, a little risqué and screwball, yet reassuringly down-to-earth.The movie is going for a wistful romanticism. For me it was more like a pervy sociopathy.
As it turns out, fart and poo gags ARE universal, as demonstrated by the mostly female audience completely losing it during some of the more off-colour scenes.By filling the plot hole of (character)'s cluelessness with explosive diarrhea, the film undermines the whole 'Apatowian Female Comedy' idea.
It isn't just a model sequel or family film: as an action movie, it's superior to 90% of everything else out there.It focuses too heavily on flashy action sequences and lacks the amusing banter that I remember fondly from the original.
If you liked (other movie), you're going to like (this movie) because it is the same movie.It isn't a dud, exactly -- some of it is very funny, and there are a few memorable jolts and outlandish dirty moments. But it feels, at times, like a routine adventure film set overseas.
Outrageously crude, silly farce that works because of the cast's comedic timing.Never dark, witty, or smart enough (the line '[She's] had the crazy f***ed out of her' is up for 2011's Laziest Misogyny Joke).
Far more coherent than its immediate predecessor, (movie) benefits greatly from its two likable young leads and some of the series' wittiest, pun-filled writing.At least scratching-and-sniffing is something to do while you pray for the film to be over.
Casting carries (movie) over its roughest patches. The vocal guest stars are inspired.It's hard to think of a human finding much to laugh about in this wounded beast.
A parable about romanticism and nostalgia, recalls Early (actor) as much as Early (director).A trifle filled with nostalgia and fantasy touristy fare.
(Lead actors) achieve the trickier feat of looking just as happy hanging out as they do sucking face, and when the clichés inevitably come rolling in, they feel earned rather thanBipolar in its mood swings between coarse, graphic sex comedy and sweet aw-shucks love story...

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