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Forced Order
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Lasting for eternity
Understanding, being aware or sensitive to, and experiencing similar feelings or emotions
Capable of being appreciated or felt by the sense of touch
Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
A short expression or guiding principle
To disperse or drive away
Lacking originality; predictable; common
To pound, crush, or grind to powder/dust
Devoted, constant in application, diligent
Too evident to be doubted
To pass beyond; to exceed; to surpass
Certain to be successful
Not readily ruled, disciplined, or managed
Having no flaws; perfect; not capable of sin
The examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
Having an oddly dreamlike quality; unreal
Chatty, informal; conversational slang
Inclination to think or feel alike
Widespread destruction; devastation
To take more time than necessary
The fall of the voice at the end of a sentence; rhythm; the close of a musical passage or phrase; pace; tempo
Lack of feeling or emotion
Easily understood; mentally clear; rational
Full of fun and good cheer
Promising success
To dislike intently, to regard with horror
To badger or annoy, as with questions, comments, or gibers
Emitting or reflecting light; lucid
To escape
To grow together; fuse
Impulsive; erratic; spontaneous
A false or mistaken idea
To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity
To share one's feelings or emotions with enthusiasm
Hard to please; picky
To produce; to cause; to stimulate
An ideal example of; typical form
To praise highly; glorify
Skillful deceit; a trick
Very well suited or expressed
No longer in use; out of date
To rejoice greatly; be jubilant
To last a very short time
To cause to become less harsh or hostile
A state of alarm
Being an essential and indispensable part of a whole; made up from, or formed of parts that constitute a unity
Emptied or lacking content
One that presages or foreshadows what is to come
Charitable good nature
Marked by the ability to recover quickly, as from misfortune
Full of spirit; spunky; prepared to stand and fight
Highly excited with strong emotion
Having substance and point; succinct
To move back or away from a limit, degree, point, or mark
Showy, pretentious display
Talkative; given to excessive or continual talking
Full of restrained joy or enthusiasm
Personal charm
General view; summary

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