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Can you name the missing word in each of the following 26 quotes from The Hunger Games book?

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QuoteMissing WordWhat's happening in the story?
A-(Haymitch) 'I'm trying to figure out what to do with you. How we're going to present you. Are you going to be charming? _____? Fierce?'Haymitch is trying to prepare Katniss for her first interview at the Capitol.
B-(Katniss) 'To death...I sang until she died. Your district...they sent me ____.'This is during Katniss's conversation with Thresh regarding Rue's death.
C-(Katniss) 'Maybe....because for the first time....there was a ____ I could keep him.'Katness is talking about Peeta during her interview with Caesar Flickerman after the games.
D-(Katniss) 'Here your ____ are sweet and tomorrow brings them true. Here is the place where I love you'This is part of the song that Katniss sings to Rue as she is dying.
E-(Katniss) 'My thanks to the people of District ____.'Katniss is showing gratitude for a gift she recieved during the games from a district other than her own.
F-(Cinna) 'And what do we do with coal? We burn it. You're not afraid of ___, are you, Katniss?'Cinna is preparing Katniss for the opening ceremonies at the Capitol.
G-(Haymitch) 'You're ____, sweetheart. You're going to have sponsors lined up around the block.'This is Haymitch's comment to Katniss after Peeta has confessed his love for her during his interview with Caesar.
H-(Katniss) 'Be myself? That's no good, either. Haymitch says I'm sullen and _____.'Katniss and Cinna are talking about her first interview at the Capitol before the games begin.
I-(Katniss) 'Maybe I'll put some burn ointment on it. I think it helps with _____ anyway.'Katniss is attempting to heal Peeta's injuries during the games.
J-(Katniss) 'Where do you sleep? In the trees? In just your ____?'Katniss is talking to Rue after they've decided to form an alliance with each other.
K-(Gale) 'Katniss, it's just hunting. You're the best hunter I know. And you've had more practice. Real practice. You know how to ____.'This is Gale's advice to Katniss after the reaping at District 12.
L-(Caesar) 'Handsome ___ like you? There must be some special girl. Come on, what's her name?'Caesar makes this comment to Peeta during his first interview at the Capitol.
M-(Rue) 'It might not work. But if you hear the ________ singing it, you'll know I'm okay, only I can't get back right away.'Rue says this to Katniss as they are planning to destroy the Career's stash of weapons and supplies.
QuoteMissing WordWhat's happening in the story?
N-(Mr. Everdeen) 'Not these, Katniss. Never these. They're _______. You'll be dead before they reach your stomach.'This is a flashback to when Katniss's father taught her about poison berries.
O-(Effie) 'Happy Hunger Games! And may the ____ be ever in your favor!'Effie Trinket says this before the District 12 reaping begins.
P-(Haymitch) 'The whole thing's been more than you ever could have dreamed of. Talk about Cinna's clothes. How nice the ____ are. How the city amazes you.'Haymitch is trying to prepare Katniss for her interview with Caesar.
Q- (Peeta) 'Every time I look at that field, all I can think of are hidden things. Snakes, and rabid animals, and _______. There could be anything in there.'Peeta and Katniss are discussing Thresh's hiding places and survival techniques during the games.
R-(Prim) 'I don't care if we're ___. I just want you to come home. You will try, won't you? Really, really try?'Prim says this to Katniss during their goodbye meeting after the reaping.
S-(Peeta) 'Only sometimes. When he's ____, I've never heard him say one negative thing about you.'Peeta and Katniss are discussing Haymitch during the games.
T-(Katniss) 'I volunteer! I volunteer as _____!'Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place after her name was called during the reaping.
U-(Peeta) 'Why don't you go on? Show me some plants to gather and that way we'll both be _____.'This is Peeta's suggestion to Katniss after she tells him he's walking too loudly in the arena.
V-(Peeta) 'Listen, we both know they have to have a ____. It can only be one of us. Please, take it. For me.'Peeta is pleading with Katniss to kill him after Claudius Templesmith announces that only one of them can survive the games.
W-(Katniss) 'Orchards, huh? That must be how you can fly around the trees like you've got _____.'Katniss is talking to Rue after they team up during the games.
Trivia- What did Prim name the goat that Katniss got for her?No quotes that have an 'x' word in them. Enjoy this trivia question instead!
Y-(Peeta) 'I can follow you. At least partway. I may not make it to the Cornucopia, but if I'm _____ your name, I bet someone can find me.'This is Peeta's response to Katniss wanting to go to the Cornucopia to get medicine for his leg.
Trivia- How many times was Gale's name entered into the reaping for the 74th annual Hunger Games?No quotes that have a 'z' word in them. Enjoy this trivia question instead!

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