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Forced Order
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Spongebob's house
Patrick's house
Squidward's house
Mr. Krabs' House
Sandy's House
Plankton's first name
Mr. Krabs' first name
Squidward's archrival
Squidward's instrument
Mr. Krabs' favorite thing
where Sandy's originally from
Mrs. Puff's ____ing school
Plankton's Restaurant
______ Krab
Mr. Krab's daughter
Patrick's not sure if it is an instrument
plankton's wife is a __________
plankton's wife's name
Spongebob's snail
Squidward's snail
Patrick's 'Snail'
Buff crustacean that is a lifeguard
what plankton wants to steal
Mr. Krabs used to be a ______
Spongebob's 'bodyguard'
Spongebob's occupation
Squidward's occupation
Mr. Krabs occupation
Mrs. Puff's occupation
fat fish that accused Spongebob of not putting pickles on his burger
Spongebob's hobby
superhero that is fat and orange
superhero with a squidward-like nose
evil bubble that is popped by patrickman
blue and red villain
Where's the____ mam? -Patrick
I'll have 2 extra cheesy nachos with a side of_____. -Patrick
Horse_____isn't an instrument either. -Squidward
sea cucumber that is leader of the Jellyspotters
Sandy is a_________
Sandy can't breathe ______
frycook before Spongebob
Spongebob's prized possesion
Squidward's legs
kid that's gonna kick spongebob's butt

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