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JisungI know a lot of people don’t like this comeback and will probably not agree with my opinion but oops. HIS BLUE HAIR HIS BLUE HAIR HIS BLUE HAIR!! Even though he had literally 5 seconds of lines, his facial expressions during performances were sooooo cute and he was just full of energy.
JohnnyListen. This is not a common choice for this era. However, Johnny stood out to me. He had ICONIC lines, his dancing was on point, and he looked so amazing in the MV. I think many other people chose other members over Johnny, but if you watch all fancams and behind the scenes videos, Johnny really came through and pulled off the concept perfectly.
JungwooI honestly did not like this song, but Jungwoo made it tolerable. His cute little mushroom hair and nanananana moments made me so soft. Plus his harmonies and dancing really pulled through. I feel like some members were lacking in something this era but Jungwoo brought it all to the table.
DoyoungDoyoung’s soft vocals soothed my ears and sang me to sleep many nights. I love the way he uses his vocal techniques/uniqueness and I hope another song like this happens soon. Plus he was so cute with the girl actress oof.
Jeno and JisungWOW! These two young ones lead the whole group and showcased their amazing talents. I feel like in Dream they are the two that can be pushed to the back sometimes but with this song they really got to show off their skills and own styles.
TaeyongThe mullet = god tier. In the Korean MV, Taeyong ripped me to shreds. His raps are so catchy and his visuals were out of this world. He looked so confident and healthy this era. No wonder everybody adores him.
RenjunI think everyone agrees on this opinion. His vocals, visuals, and dancing mesmerized me. UGHHH! (imma give you a big hint) His crying in the MV made me want to kick the person who hurt him in the throat. Anywayssss…...
YangyangHe’s just a big cutie. The yellow sweatshirt and red beanie really tugged at my heartstrings. His little raps and cuteness overflowed in the MV and I fell in love with him and his happy personality.
TaeilThis song was kind of a mess for me. I don’t like the song very much and the styling hurt me emotionally. However Taeil killed it. UNPOPULAR OPINION but I loved his yellow troll hair. Nation’s main vocal since debut days, that’s all.
Haechan1. His adorable red hair color and styling is superior (lo siento.) 2. His vocals were adorable as usual. 3. He also had amazing dancing. I can’t say enough about this lil’ baby.
JaehyunJaehyun’s low vocals and curly hair drew me to him. Although this song seems to be more rap-focused, his smooth vocals pulled it all together. I just loved his look and feeling during this era.
RenjunHe stands out to me this era because of his facial expressions on stage and his vocals. Watching his fancams make me happy because he looks so happy and he clearly worked hard (especially dancing wise) for this comeback. Also his “I nEeD yOu RiGhT hErE yEaH.”
YutaTHEY DONT CALL HIM “HEALING SMILE” FOR NO REASON. Everything about his beautiful smile and his orange color theme in the MV just pulls your attention towards him and his scenes. His live stages also radiate pureness and love for nctzens.
TaeilTaeil really is that bitch this era. His vocals NEVER fail to shock me and he just has this certain feeling to him. He drew me in with his beautiful voice and ughhhh. This song is so underrated pls stream it.
TenI don’t think anyone disagrees with this either. Ten shocked me with his vocal improvement and his dance break. The whole MV was built for him and he really owned the concept. Kun almost was in consideration for this one but Ten’s high note stole the show.
YutaThis era was so hard to choose for me. Honestly I picked Yuta because of his amount of center time. He stood out as the main dancer and although he did not have a lot of lines, his screen time and center time made up for it. I think he had partly okay styling (compared to other members) and he just overall wowed me.
MarkI always knew that Mark was a great rapper, but for some odd reason this song solidified his position as main rapper for me. He looked so good in the MV and his lyrics just proved that he poured everything into this song. He was just an outstanding rapper this era.
TaeilI don’t really like this song either *DONT ATTACK ME* but it was so easy to pick the star of this era. Taeil’s undercut, individual scenes, and high note truly shook me. His talent shined in this era and I really appreciated his stylists.
KunFrom not getting a proper debut to becoming the leader of a whole ass unit, Kun came through and sang his heart out. I’m just so happy for him because he seems so excited about the future and truly cares for all of WayV.
LucasTHIS WAS SO HARD TO PICK, but I had to go with Lucas because of his iconic rap. He served looks and did not come to play. He knows he’s hot and had a great debut. I was very proud of him and he gained his hard-earned spot in NCT.
JisungLil’ perm boy was so adorable. His dance break made everyone fall for him because of his talent and really shined as the maknae. I also almost picked Chenle for this one because they both are such cuties ugh.
MarkI mean come on. The purple/red color theme worked so well for Mark’s looks and his rapping was insane. He had this “dont look at me I’m Mark Lee” feeling that I live for. Everything about him this era really stood out to me. This era's Mark really is that bitch.
HaechanThis was such a hard choice to make but Haechan ultimately claimed this as his own. This boy’s high note…… That’s it really. His dancing, his singing, his aura. Everything about his look this era shined.
JohnnyHE GOT GOOD LINES THIS COMEBACK! His individual scenes were so pretty and he wasn’t just throw in the back like all previous comebacks. His raps are my favorite parts of the song and he dished out sexy good looks left and right.
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