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Who is SHINee's umma?He had a ring in a box in the 'hello' music video
What animal do people think jonghyun looks like?He has this animal as a pet.
What member has a 'condition'?The SHINee members came up with a little song for this.
What is key's real name?Same as one of the members of super junior
Who is the sportiest member?He has taken part in the idol sport competition a few times.
What is SHINee's newest single album? (correct as of jan 2014)Japanese.
Who is know for being very feminine?He had long hair in the 'sherlock' pomotions
Which member is type AB blood?He has a dog named roo.
Which member is type o blood?He is also called 'dubu'
Who knows the most languages?He had rainbow hair at one point
Who had one side of his hair shaved during the 'Lucifer' music video?He does rapping sometimes.
Who is the youngest member of SHINee?He looks a bit like EXO's Kai.
Who is the oldest member of SHINee?He is the leader.
Which member of infinite is close friends with key?Lead singer
Who is the tallest member of SHINee?He is part of the 'kyu-line'
QuestionAnswerHint/ Extra info
Who is the shortest member of SHINee?He had half blonde half brown hair during the 'ring ding dong' promotions
What year did SHINee debut?Year of the rat.
What is minho's nickname?Like fire
What is jonghyun's nickname?Like jewelery
Who is SHINee's main dancerMaknae.
Which member is part of 'SM the ballad'?Main vocals of SHINee
Which members favourite colour is yellow?He is 24 (jan 2014)
Which member is ambidextrous?He is friends with a CNBLUE member of the same name.
Which member cross-dresses the most?He calls himself taeyeon when he is a girl.
How many full albums has SHINee had? (as of jan 2014)Korean + Japanese. (this includes the misconceptions as separate albums)
Which member of SHINee featured in BoA's 'Disturbance'He is younger than her.
Who's name is this romanised: 이 태민?The family name is 'Lee'
Who's twitter is this: @skehehdanfdldiHe was in the Korean adaptation of 'rock of ages'
What is Onew's real name?The family name is 'Lee'
Which member featured in SNSD's music video for 'Gee'He appeared in both the Japanese and Korean M/Vs

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