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Can you name the Dark Souls 2 Boss weapons

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Last Giant - Weapon
The Pursuer - Weapon
The Pursuer - Shield
Dragonrider - Weapon
Dragonrider - Weapon
Dragonrider - Weapon
Dragonrider - Shield
Old Dragonslayer - Weapon
Flexile Sentry - Weapon
Flexile Sentry - Weapon
Flexile Sentry - Weapon
Ruin Sentinel - Sorcery
Lost Sinner - Weapon - Weapon
Executioner's Chariot - Weapon/Shield
Executioner's Chariot - Weapon
Skeleton Lord - Weapon
Covetous Demon - Weapon
Mytha, the Baneful Queen - Weapon
Smelter Demon - Weapon
Old Iron King - Weapon
Royal Rat Vanguard - Pyromancy
The Rotten - Weapon
Scorpioness Najka - Sorcery
Royal Rat Authority - Pyromancy
The Duke's Dear Freja - Weapon
The Duke's Dear Freja - Weapon
Looking Glass Knight - Weapon
Looking Glass Knight - Shield
Demon of Song - Weapon
Velstadt - Weapon
Velstadt - Miracle
Vendrick - Weapon
Vendrick - Weapon
Vendrick - Shield
Guardian Dragon - Weapon
Guardian Dragon - Weapon
Ancient Dragon - Weapon
Giant Lord - Hex
Nashandra - Weapon
Nashandra - Weapon
Nashandra - Weapon
Throne Defender - Weapon
Throne Defender - Shield
Throne Watcher - Weapon
Throne Watcher - Shield
Darklurker - Hex
Belfry Gargoyle - Weapon
Old Witch - Weapon
Old Witch - Pyromancy
Old King - Weapon
Old King - Miracle
Old Dead One - Weapon
Old Dead One - Hex
Old Paledrake - Weapon
Old Paledrake - Sorcery
Elana, Squalid Queen - Weapon
Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon - Weapon
Sir Alonne - Weapon
Fume Knight - Weapon
Fume Knight - Weapon
Nadalia, Bride of Ash - Weapon
Nadalia, Bride of Ash - Pyromancy

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