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Can you name the facts about Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi?

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Who are the main couple of the series?The answer to this is 2 persons.
What is their occupation?This concerns books.
In what company did they work for?Also appeared in Junjou Romantica
What is the name of their department?Gem.
What is the genre of the magazine they produce?Manga genre
Who is seated beside the uke of the main couple?With flowery chair.
Who is the one who always smiles whatever happened?'Never piss him off' - main couple seme
Who is the seme of the answer in #6?'I love... your face.'
#8 works in?'Fairies of the lake' - Usagi-san
What is the literal translation of the title?Google is your friend.
Who is the indifferent member of the magazine team?No matter what happens, I don't show emotions.
Who is the one #11 is in charge of handling and also his childhood friend?Dense. Dense. Dense!
#12 has the pen name...It's a girl's name.
Who is #12's assistant artist?Has bad boy looks.
Who is #12's sister?Appeared in OVA 2
Who was the author the uke in #1 was handling in his previous company?He also appeared in Junjou Romantica
Who is the college friend of the seme in #1 who kept blaming the uke of seme's breakdown?'I was with him for the past years blah'
In what department #17 works?DOUGH. MOOLAH.
Who is the executive director of the company they are working in?He also appeared in Junjou Romantica
#1, #6, #7 and #11's department is also known as the ____ department.This concerns the genre they produce.
This is the term they use when making the magazine.Circle.
Who is the uke in #1's fiancee?Hasn't appeared yet in the anime
What is the name of the cat of the seme in #1?Meow.
What does #19 call the uke in #1?Since they were both heirs of publishing companies
When is the seme in #1's birthday?Jingle bells.
What was the name of the seme in #1 before his parents got separated?S.. Senpai?
Who is the author the seme in #1 is in charge of?The star author of their department
What is the name #6 calls the uke in #1?Entails endearment
What is the position of the seme in #1 in their department?Head
Who is the one writing the novels?Nakamura-sensei is the MANGAKA.

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