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songfirst wordsmovie
once upon a dreamsleeping beauty
colors of the windpocahontas
beauty and the beastbeauty and the beast
zero to herohercules
heigh hosnow white and the seven dwarfs
gastonbeauty and the beast
down to the seathe little mermaid 2
the bare necessitiesthe junglebook
no way outbrother bear
in a world of my ownalice in wonderland
the mob songbeauty and the beast
the bells of notre damethe hunchback of notre dame
lesson number onemulan 2
son of mantarzan
oh de lallyrobin hood
that's what makes the world go roundthe sword in the stone
hakuna matatathe lionking
the three caballerosthe three caballeros
can you feel the love tonightthe lionking
honor to us allmulan
i won't say (i'm in love)hercules
winnie the poohwinnie the pooh
under the seathe little mermaid
on my waybrother bear
where do i go from herepocahontas 2
mine mine minepocahontas
the gospel truth hercules
i wanna be like youthe junglebook
painting the roses redalice in wonderland
bellebeauty and the beast
the wonderful thing about tiggerswinnie the pooh
out therethe hunchback of notre dame
songfirst wordsmovie
the phony king of englandrobin hood
go the distancehercules
a star is bornhercules
healing incantationtangled
it will be mebrother bear 2
i just can't wait to be kingthe lionking
down in new orleansthe princess and the frog
why should i worryoliver and company
that's what friends are forthe fox and the hound
strangers like metarzan
one last hopehercules
not in nottinghamrobin hood
great spiritsbrother bear
i'm still heretreasure planet
a dream is a wish your heart makescinderella
you'll be in my hearttarzan
best of friendsthe fox and the hound
love will find a waythe lionking 2
a girl worth fighting formulan
be our guestbeauty and the beast
when you wish upon a starpinocchio
i see the lighttangled
look out for mister storkdumbo
hellfirethe hunchback of notre dame
poor unfortunate soulsthe little mermaid
what makes the red man redpeter pan
mother knows besttangled
welcome to this daybrother bear 2
one jump aheadaladdin
forever and everpooh's grand adventure
we are onethe lionking 2
songfirst wordsmovie
following the leaderpeter pan
steady as the beating drumpocahontas
he lives in youthe lionking 2
prince alialaddin
friend like mealaddin
like other girlsmulan 2
be preparedthe lionking
welcomebrother bear
once upon a time in new york cityoliver and company
circle of lifethe lionking
cruella de vilthe 101 dalmatians
part of your worldthe little mermaid
i'll make a man out of youmulan
when will my life begintangled
i've got no stringspinocchio
arabian nightsaladdin
loverobin hood
higitus figitusthe sword in the stone
for a momentthe little mermaid 2
the court of miraclesthe hunchback of ntore dame
something therebeauty and the beast
topsy turvythe hunchback of notre dame
god help the outcaststhe hunchback of notre dame
almost therethe princess and the frog
everybody wants to be a cataristocats
two worldstarzan
kiss the girlthe little mermaid
just around the riverbendpocahontas
heaven's lightthe hunchback of notre dame
a whole new worldaladdin
i've got a dreamtangled

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