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Can you name the answers to the questions for the episode The Sponge from Seinfeld?

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Who is Jerry's girlfriend in the episode?
Where does he get her number from?
What does Jerry say he was shopping for when trying to change the subject with Elaine?
What is the full name of the birth control Elaine uses?
How many sponges come in a case?
What environmentally friendly laundry detergent does Jerry's girlfriend use?
What celebrity does George guess volunteers at the soup kitchen?
What types of soups does Jerry wonder if they serve at the soup kitchen?
What type of sex is all George really has left?
What is Kramer doing all night that keeps him up before the aids walk?
Why does Jerry say he can't have sex with his girlfriend?
How does George say you have to open a condom wrapper?
What is one of the things Elaine wants her boyfriend to do so he can be 'sponge-worthy'?
Who are the two street toughs that teach Kramer to wear the ribbon?
What is Jerry's girlfriend doing that she asks him to get her a towel from her closet?
What is Jerry's actual waist size?

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