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Can you name the Kramer's Friends?

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Kramer's Friend that you never see.
Friend who calls Jerry a hack, and later becomes a bookie.
Friend who kicks Kramer in the head and dressed like a clown.
Friend who works on Columbus and 85th. Kramer say's he'll fix Jerry's watch.
Kramer's old roommate who still owes him money. Follows him onto a plane.
Friend that Kramer helps get off sugar, sells ladies glasses to George.
Kramer's friend who can get you great tickets anywhere.
Kramer'f friend who had the gout.
Baseball player who Kramer plays golf with, who seems to bend the rules.
Friend who works at a sports memorabilia store and sells Steinbrenners Birthday Card.
Another friend that you never see, host's a Jewish singles night.
Plays backup in Elaine's 'hot and heavy' boyfriend's band.
Bootlegs movies and owns a gun.
Friend of Kramer's who eats horse.
Friend who lives up on 94th street and they play pinochle.
Animal guy, Kramer practically raised his kids.
Friend who at one point wants Kramer to drop dead, and a wishing war ensues.
Father of one of his non-seen friends who sells him a Willard instead of a Wizard.
Kramer's Cop buddy, at which point Jerry points out that he has a lot of friends.

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