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HintTelevision Show
Show that Liz Created and is head writer on.
Summer replacement show that tests your strength against an animal.
Summer replacement show, spoof on America's next top Model
50 Super hot moms, 25 eighth grade boys, no rules.
Show that was really big on BET from about 9 to 9:15.
A failed NBC action Drama starring Will Ferrell
An NHL talk show out of Boston. Written by 3 Shaun's
Talk show starring Avery Jessup.
A Telenovela starring a man who looks a lot like Jack.
Talk show, spoof on Tyra.
HintTelevision Show
Show that starred Tracy Jordan on Nickelodeon when he was a child.
It's deal or no deal meets millionaire. Hosted by John McEnroe
Spoof on Sports Center where four guests just yell over each other.
The English version of Friends.
Chinese show where prisoners try to dance their way to freedom.
A show about famous canines mentioned by Jack in 'The Problem Solvers'.
German television show about bears.
*Show that Jack wants to Liz to write for the winner of one of his summer replacement shows.
Very edited version of Will and Grace in Liz's cousins small town.
Show based on the catch phrase coined by Liz Lemon.

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