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Excerpt from SongTitle of Song
'It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age'
'Do you remember we were sittin' there by the water? You put your arm around me for the first time'
'Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain'
'Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room, and we're not speaking'
'The playful conversations, counter all your quick remarks'
'We're drivin' down the road, I wonder if you know, I'm tryin' so hard not to get caught up now'
'She's not a saint and she's not what you think. she's an actress'
'You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me'
Excerpt from SongTitle of Song
'Maybe it's you and your sick need to give love and take it away'
'Then I think about summer, all the beautiful times, I watched you laughing from the passenger side, And realized I loved you in the fall'
'And I stare at the phone and he still hasn't called, And then you feel so low you can't feel nothin' at all'
'Laughing on a park bench thinking to myself, 'Hey isn't this easy?'
'Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind, we both cried'
'Marry me Juliet, You'll never have to be alone, I love you and that's all I really know”
'She better hold him tight, Give him all her love, Look in those beautiful eyes And know she's lucky 'cause”
'There's the silence, there's my last chance, I stand up with shaky hands, all eyes on me'

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