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Can you name the Enter Shikari songs by opening lyrics?

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LyricSong Title
'Here tonight I clock a thousand heads'
'Scratch card glory or waist low pleasure'
'And I know that we've still got time'
'Analysis of the human race in 2011 AD'
'Today for the very first time, we started planning out the ultimate crime'
'If our own lives arent directly affected, then it dont need to be corrected'
'And I long for you to appear, after losingyour way across star riddled skies'
'You look like you rented a smile but you rented the wrong size'
'To the multi story car park, with our friends, drinking from a bottle of white lightning'
'I'm gonna paste you up and cover you in wallpaper'
'And I'm thinking what's the deal, with all the plans that they conceal'
'22nd June 209 AD a crowd gathers, ahh they **** love a good beheading'
'Rise, taste the air, lock and load, pull the trigger'
'Let this battle commence, one last time'
LyricSong Title
'Go tell all your friends, that this is the end'
'And what comes next, a chance to save ourselves'
'I lie here, staring up at the stratosphere, hoping that we're gonna get out of here'
'The air turns black, and the birds drop from the sky'
'Mate! I'm zonked absolutely spent'
'Where's your respect? Why bite the hand that feeds you'
'Hold your horses, steady now'
'His eyes are locked on her'
'You might never meet me, for I am King'
'Each nation used to provide its country with security, with factories providing arms for their country'
'Shi-kar-i, as third generation Aztec'
'Now I was feeling like a total giant!'
'We can't keep deferring action, only surviving by the skin of our teeth'
'I´ve been hiding here for a thousand years, waiting for your ghosts'

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