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Can you name the players who scored the most points for each college that has had at least 10 players in NBA?

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Previous Team Abbreviations: SDC- San Diego Clippers, NJN- New Jersey Nets, SFW- San Francisco Warriors. SYR- Syracuse Nationals (76ers), CIN- Cincinnati Royals (Kings), SEA- Seattle Supersonics, SDR- San Diego Rockets, KCK- Kansas City Kings, CHP- Chicago Packers (Wizards), CHS- Chicago Stags (Folded), FTW- Fort Wayne Pistons, BUF- Buffalo Braves (Clippers), ROC- Rochester Royals (Kings), STB- St. Louis Bombers (Folded), PHW- Philadelphia Warriors. College must have had at least 10 players in the NBA (no BAA or ABA) to be listed.
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School (Points)PlayerDraft Team (Draft Year)
Alabama (16712)GSW (1992)
Arizona (16529)ATL (1999)
Arizona State (15097)SDC (1983)
Arkansas (14799)BOS (2001)
Auburn (23757)*PHI (1984)
Baylor (11842)NJN (1993)^
Boston College (9621)SAC (1985)
Bowling Green (14437)*SFW (1963)
Bradley (18831)*SYR (1962)
Brigham Young (11964)BOS (1982)
California (17098)DAL (1994)
California Los Angeles (38387)*MIL (1969)
Cal State Fullerton (8693)PHO (1990)
Cal State Long Beach (6663)UTA (1993)
Cincinnati (26710)*CIN (1960)
Clemson (15687)PHO (1981)
Colorado (15546)BOS (1997)
Connecticut (23012)MIN (1996)
Creighton (11782)STL (1964)
Dayton (11199)POR (1979)
Depaul (19460)SDC (1982)
Detriot Mercy (17111)SEA (1970)
Drake (5130)GSW (1981)
Duke (17044)DET (1994)
Duquesne (12065)LAL (1977)
Florida (10912)DEN (1988)
Florida State (15635)HOU (1993)
Fresno State (7056)CLE (1984)
Georgetown (24815)*NYK (1985)
Georgia (26668)*ATL (1982)
Georgia Tech (16297)MIN (1996)
Grambling State (12183)*NYK (1964)
Houston (27313)*SDR (1968)
Illinois (19202)KCK (1981)
Iowa (14018)SEA (1971)
Iowa State (15659)PHX (1986)
Indiana (20941)*CHP (1961)
Jackson State (14607)GSW (1978)
Kansas (31419)*PHW (1959)
Kansas State (20497)GSW (1988)
Kentucky (15647)BOS (1996)
La Salle (11198)CHS (1950)
Long Island (6974)BLB (1953)
Louisiana State (28596)ORL (1992)
Louisville (12391)UTA (1980)
Loyola Chicago (2057)FTW (1949)
Marquette (15092)MIA (2003)
Maryland (16784)NJN (1981)
Memphis (10684)ORL (1993)
Michigan (18336)MIA (1989)
Michigan State (17707)*LAL (1979)
Minnesota (17940)STL (1966)
Mississippi State (17770)*DET (1959)
School (Points)PlayerDraft Team (Draft Year)
Missouri (8110)DET (1980)
Nevada (3634)MIL (2007)
Nevada Las Vegas (19015)CHI (1978)
New Mexcio (9302)IND (2005)
New York (18438)*NYK (1949)
Niagara (17949)*SDR (1970)
North Carolina (32292)*CHI (1984)
North Carolina State (11264)*DEN (1976)#
Northwestern (4236)SDR (1970)
Notre Dame (23177)*BUF (1976)
Ohio State (26395)*BOS (1962)
Oklahoma (13910)PHO (1975)
Oklahoma State (10829)GSW (1988)^
Oregon (9994)CLE (1991)
Oregon State (21813)SEA (1990)
Pennsylvania (2896)PHO (1972)
Pepperdine (15535)*SEA (1976)
Pittsburgh (10561)IND (1976)#
Providence (17772)*STL (1960)
Purdue (14234)MIL (1994)
San Francisco (14522)*STL (1956)
Santa Clara (16658)PHO (1996)
Seton Hall (6311)*ROC (1949)#
South Carolina (25613)*MIL (1976)
Southern California (14093)GSW (1975)
St. Bonaventure (19248)*DET (1970)
St. John's (17911)*GSW (1985)
St. Josephs (8568)PHO (1973)
St. Louis (11234)*STB (1949)
Stanford (9063)*FTW (1950)
Syracuse (18327)*DET (1966)
Temple (14155)LAL (1994)
Tennessee (19655)NJN (1977)
Tennessee State (15358)SYR (1959)
Texas (10061)SEA (2007)
Texas El Paso (16481)*CIN (1970)
Texas Tech (5082)DEN (1997)
Toledo (10505)PHI (1964)
Tulane (9784)CLE (1986)
Tulsa (10882)SDR (1969)
Utah (20049)SDC (1981)
Villanova (16266)*PHW (1950)
Virginia (8265)SEA (1987)
Washington (15761)DAL (1985)
Wisconsin (17306)PHO (1995)
Wyoming (7577)CIN (1966)
Vanderbilt (5733)SFW (1966)
Wake Forest (22645)SAS (1997)
Washington State (8203)SEA (1979)
Western Kentucky (8743)CHI (1967)
West Virginia (25192)*LAL (1960)
Xavier (9619)NOH (2003)

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