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Forced Order
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Lyric Song Title Artist
I'm already looking back I'm already looking around Where did we get off the track? Jordin Sparks
All the creatures, on the beaches Makin' waves in the motion picture Won't you keep this, in between us .Red Hot Chili Peppers
When you try your best but you don't succeed When you get what you want but not what you need When you feel so tired but you can't sleep.Coldplay
My head is stuck in the clouds She begs me to come down Says, 'Boy, quit foolin' around' I told her, 'I love the view from up here Warm sun and wind in my ear.Plain White T's
I’m imprisoned, I’m living a lie Another night putting on a disguise I wanna tear it off and step in the light Don’t you, Lucy Hale
You got your popstar, ill be your rockstar When it's a suicide, you call it superstar Check out the forecast, predictions wont stop .Kevin Rudolf & Ricky Ross
With everything I've ever done I'd give it all to everyone for one more day Another night I'm waking through .Graham Colton
I can't believe i had to see The girl of my dreams cheating on me The pain you caused has left me dead inside I'm gonna make sure, you regret that night The Wanted
Now that you're out of my life I'm so much better You thought that I'd be weak without you But I'm stronger Destiny's Child
Lyric Song Title Artist
I walked across an empty land I knew the pathway like the back of my hand I felt the earth beneath my feet Sat by the river and it made me complete. Keane
Am I alone in your heart? Have I hope with your heart? She's such a teaser, she's such a star. Give me a reason or gimme a chance. Scouting For Girls
The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting Could it be that we have been this way before .Secondhand Serenade
As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts Oh the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms Was it love or fear of the cold that led us through the night? Mumford & Sons
The day I first met you You told me you'd never fall in love But now that I get you I know fear is what it really was Demi Lovato
I take the car and drive the night The white stripes blur and ease my mind When all that's left is a single line Instead of this confusionParachute
I just ran into a few someone's today Someone's that I never really knew And I used to think how I had them all so figured outThe Rocket Summer
I wanted to be like you I wanted everything So I tried to be like you And I got swept awayMichelle Branch

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