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One of two assertions that only pertains to the income statement.
Second of two assertions that only pertains to the income statement
Who won the Introduction Challenge on Day 1 of training?
What is the name for inventory held on site but not owned by the client?
What is the lowest level of risk that could exist in a CRA?
What PSP do we perform to test existence of cash and AR?
This is Emily Bowles' least favorite food item.
For each significant account, these objects are associated for which we determine WCGWs.
This was the warehouse manager's first name in the video on physical inventories.
This is the PSP/testing procedure is performed when we agree our inventory test counts to the ending inventory subledger.
What assertion would you best testing if you were performing inventory price testing?
How many days subsequent to our report release date do we have to archive engagement workpapers?
In the employee benefit plan world, what does 'DC' mean?
This occurs when we obtain evidence that the control being tested did not operate as designed for or was not implemented for that transaction.
This is one of the three types of transactions.
This is one of the three types of transactions.
This is the one component of the audit risk formula that we control through substantive testing thresholds.
What are two basic procedures you will perform to complete a walkthrough?
This is our audit strategy if we decide not to test controls.
If you are testing a control with a weekly frequency, what would your sample size be?
If you were testing controls in a sample of 25 and found one exception, by how many items would you need to expand your sample?
This is one type of analytics you could perform for income statement accounts.
What is one of the two types of of analytical procedures you could perform?
What form number in forms & templates is the PGAP?
This is one of the four revenue recognition criterion.
What is the first document you would need to request to perform a search for unrecorded liabilities?
What assertion for liabiliites does the search for unrecorded liabilities test/address?
What is Cassie's daughter's name?
What is the fixed asset lead schedule normally called?
If you do not receive an AR confirmation response, what should you do?
The listing of a company's parent, subsidiaries, owners, directors is called what?
What do you call the steps from EY GAM for specific significant accounts that we have to perform or document why we do not perform?
What do we call the letter we receive from management in connection with the audit (typically received on the report issue date)?
What do you call raw materials that have a portion of conversion costs applied as of year end?
In EBP audits, what do you call the party that has possession of the plan assets?
What is the name of the audit report (typically used in EBP audits) in which we rely on controls tested that are in place at a third party location?
What procedures (not typically pertaining to any particular significant account) are we required to perform on all audits?
What is the name of the only document that we must maintain hard copy in the archive files?
What is one PSP for Accounts Payable?
What is the standard GAM reference for revenue?
If it's not documented, then it's not...
What is Amanda's husband's major instrument?
What document which you sign annually codifies our firm's values and professional standards?
What is the form & templates number for all the primary planning & reporting forms for EBP audits?
What does AQR stand for?
What does CAAT stand for?
What is the key difference between fraud and neglect?
What was the total number of points scored by Alabama in the BCS championship?
Who is the Southwest sub-area managing partner?
What is the first phase of the interview process?
What does the 'N' stand for in the LISTEN model?

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