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Can you name the The Catcher in The Rye's Symbols?

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This symbol represents how ‎Holden’s life has become. ‎When this object goes through ‎the same damage that Holden ‎does, than it is still accepted ‎by it’s recipient.
This is a symbol that Holden has through his thoughts and is often what he wishes his fate would be.
This is a symbol that Holden uses ‎because he is insecure about ‎himself and his identity. He ‎uses this symbol also to avoid having conversations with phonies.
Holden often uses this symbol when he speaks, usually because he feels like he is an adult and that using this symbol is showing a transition from childhood to adulthood.
This place represents how Holden has no direction in life.This place is where Holden comes to stay when he has no home to go to. This is a place that no one stays at.
This place is a place that Holden and Phoebe used to go to often during their early childhood. Holden likes this place because it never changes as he does not like change
This is a symbol that Holden likes to represent himself with. This symbol shows how Holden wants to be different and stand out.
This symbol shows how rich Holden really is. It is also representative of how he takes parts himself throughout the novel. This symbol shows how Holden stores Allie's memories. .
Holden refer's to his brother D.B. as one of these symbols, which also shows his exploration of sexuality.
This is the place where Holden hates to go to, because it symbolizes the biggest change of all in his life. He hates seeing this place rained upon.
This is what Holden writes Stratlader's composition about, It symbolizes his memories of Allie and how much he remembers him
These are some of the only people that Holden does not actually view as 'phony'. He likes these people because they symbolize religion, and purity.
Holden loses these in the very beginning of the story.These represent his irresponsibilty for his belongings and actions
Holden often wonders where this symbol goes in the winter throught the novel. He does this because he does not like the change it brings, which is something he is not accustomed to
This is a symbol that Holden thinks can help him buy away his pain and depression. This symbol is something that makes Holden feel very 'blue' at one point in the story.
This symbol is shown at the end of the novel and reminds Holden of his childhood, which is what it symbolizes. Seeing Phoebe on this object makes Holden very happy.
This is what Holden wants to be when he grows up. It symbolizes him not wanting to grow up and change.
This is the most symbolic event that is mentioned in the book. It represents Holden having to change, which he doesn't want to do and serves as the spark for everything in the book

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