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Forced Order
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Who play's George O Malley
What color are his eyes
what was his first surgery as an intern
what was his nickname after that
What does 007 mean
What is his father's name
What are his brother's names
Who did he have a major crush on
Who is his best friend
Where did he perform an emergency open heart surgery
When he and his crush slept together what did she do
Who did he marry
By how many points did he fail his intern exam
What happened to his dad
Who did george hire to operate on his dad
Who did he leave Callie for
What was their problem in bed that caused them to ultimately break up
Which intern had a crush on George
He was the last person to find out that Izzie
What field did he want to specialize in
When he was hit by a bus he was on his way back from what
What was the name of the girl he saved before getting hit by the bus
Who Identified his body in the hospital just before he died
What did he write on her hand to Identify himself
Who was the last to say goodbye to George before he died

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