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Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
It's a Britney Spears sex riot!
When my parents asked what the sound was, I said I was practicing bird calls.
I'll kill my parents and give you my house!
Nice Star Wars sheets!
You can't make me chose between you and football.
I'm taking this back to the dealer!
All I want is a salad that DOESN'T have chicken feet in it!
Are those dog poop cookies?
Does anyone know where I can find a pipin' hot cup of Will Schuester?
It's like a Jewish cloud!
I can't do it. I'm dyslexic.
I don't even know who the Chronic Lady is!
And you know what that makes me? Your big, gay, beard!
One day, you'll all work for me.
You're good, white boy, i'll give you that.
Who doesn't love a good monkey?
Let me be the one to break the silence. That was the most offensive thing I've seen in twenty years of teaching. And that includes an elementary school production of 'Hair.'
Just listen to Key-Dollar Sign-Ha!
I told my parents I only want one thing for Christmas this year : stop friending me on Facebook.
You kind of sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop.
You ain't lived till you seen me in a cowboy hat!
You got an itch down there or something?
QuoteWho Said It
You're tearing up. People are starting to stare. People probably think I just broke up with you.
Stay away from my woman!
I look like a lemon meringue pie.
I have a box of playbills hidden away in my basement, Will - like porn.
Yeah, and I'm dressed as the guy who replaced Artie when he quit.
The only straight I am is straight up bitch!
When I showed this to Brittany, she whimpered and thought I cut down a small tree where a family of gummy people lived.
That's a waste of some fine man butt.
He emailed me like sixty mp3s of him singing and I thought it was Faith Hill.
The guy did seem crazy. He charged my credit card by swiping it through his butt crack.
I'd say 'bye,' but, I wouldn't wanna make you angry.
Sue, how do you do?
Did you know New York City was built on top of Old York City?
Sue, you’re the cat’s pajamas.
Only last Friday at the football game they tried to spell out 'GO TEAM' and they spelled out 'TO GAME!'
Ken has a lot of flaws. He has 74 flaws as of yesterday.
You find BREAKFAST confusing.
Once on a dare, i swallowed a thumbtack. And I'm 90% sure it's still there.
I think I'm dating Rachel. At least she sure thinks I am.
It takes years to build a good reputation, but only seconds to destroy it.
Let's pray.
You could be my very own Situation.
A peanut allergy.

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