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Can you name the scientist known for each advance in Science?

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Scientific advanceScientistEnter one of these names
Screw pumpAlbert Einstein
Natural selectionAlexander Fleming
Theory of gravitationAlfred Nobel
Theory of general relativityAlfred Wegener
Smallpox vaccineBurrhus Frederic (B. F.) Skinner
Work leading to the ban of using DDTCarl Linnaeus
Interactions of chimpanzeesCharles Darwin
Helical structure of DNADmitri Mendeleev
The first modern anatomical textEdward Jenner
Nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleusEdwin Hubble
Inventor of dynamiteErnest Rutherford
Quantum gravityFrederick Sanger
Rabies vaccineGalileo Galilei
Observational astronomyGregor Mendel
Radioactive half-life + structure of atomIsaac Newton
Discovery of other galaxiesJane Goodall
Periodic tableKarl Landsteiner
CirculationLouis Pasteur
Continental driftMaria Goeppert-Mayer
Laws of inheritenceMarie Curie
Insulin structure and genetic codeMondino de Luzzi
Blood groupsNicolaus Copernicus
Discovery of penicillinRachel Carson
Animal behaviourRobert Koch
Radiocarbon datingRosalind Franklin
Binomial nomenclatureStephen Hawking
Discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosisWerner Heisenberg
Quantum theoryWillard Libby
Heliocentric model of the solar systemWilliam Harvey

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