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Fantasy romance book/movie series featuring werewolves, vampires, and a girl caught between the two. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, and maybe Southern
In classic Monopoly, the space between St. Charles Place and States Avenue
Famous lawyer Allred
Saint Paul tells us to do this in the Lord always. He will say it again!
Of the four classic elements, the one that isn't matter; Wheeler's ring on 'Captain Planet'
The day after today
Month that Halloween occurs
The Clue female that wasn't married, Miss ____
Sixty of these make a minute
January 1st, for most of the world
It means stop, or a notorious Amsterdam district
To raise the white flag means you intend to do this
Age which is traditionally the point where one is considered 'over the hill'
Group of lions
HBO series starring Dominic West, John Doman, and Deirdre Lovejoy, 'The ___'
Square dance move involve escorting one's partner around the square; also, where to find Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9
American Independence Day, annually
Initials of African-American activist famous for his 'I Have A Dream' speech
CW series starring Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, and Hilarie Burton
Snagglepuss often announced he would do this, be it stage left or stage right
The two elements whose names don't begin with A, but whose atomic symbols do
Nickname for the Midwest, 'America's ____'
Lord Of The Rings quote: '____ Ring To Rule Them All'
According to the proverb, you don't want this in your ointment
Spectrum of light just shorter in wavelength than visible light.
Nickname of gangster George Nelson
Citrus fruit or junk car
Command to a dog implying that it remain where it is
Finish the phrase, 'Going, going, ...'
Florida city full of Heat and Dolphins
Hugh Hefner's estate
The P of 'P's and Q's' to mind
Quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent congruent sides, not a square or rhombus.
U.S. state that abuts Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
First name of First Lady Coolidge
Classic Hitchcock film. Don't get dizzy!
Isaiah 1:18, KJV, 'Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as ....' (3 words)
Besides saying 'Cheese', what one is encourage to do for a photo
What's the theme?

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